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Twin soul worthy or unworthy?

Today we were told through a response on FB that our vision and attitude would be twin soul unworthy. Well, people are allowed to think what they want, but when one says that about others, it also means that one knows what it is like to be a worthy twin soul.


We are curious about what it is like to be a worthy twin soul. We've only been together since 2005 and we don't know yet. One says this and the other says so. What we usually read or hear is that in the twin soul, misery trumps and that one "must have" compassion and understanding for it.

We live our twin souls in harmony and know that if one really wants to grow spiritually, one must say goodbye to that misery. We also know that gentle healers make smelly wounds. We ourselves go for the short pain (making decisions) with deep insights following it.

What does one expect from what it is like to be a twin soul?

Most descriptions of what a twin soul "should" be like come from people who are not themselves with someone who could "possibly" be their twin soul. There are also messages from so-called masters who speak through a "medium" and tell what a twin soul should be like. These messages cannot be verified, anyone can say that he / she is channeling some master. We would also like it if suddenly a master would tell us something meaningful that we can share with others.


We are rational people who make everything negotiable. We do not rule out anything. We find everything fascinating and above all negotiable. We take prescriptions about what a twin flame should "be" like with a large grain of salt (say a kilo). Most of the time these descriptions come from people who have no idea what the twin soulship really is and have a collection of ideas from others pasted on it. Do we have to do it with that?

Eddy and Rita

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