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Desire for more Divinity

We both are born with a deep desire for "more Divinity." We have known that for a long time. In the past we've ventured into a description but simply didn't post it because it didn't live up to what we really meant.

Deep faith

One can have a deep belief in a future events, even if they are further in the future. Because of this belief, one can end up in certain situations that yield nothing at all, as far as that belief is concerned. Yet what one believes remains very strongly present. What one believes is so intimate that one does not want to tell anyone. You know if you tell someone you won't be believed. You will be portrayed as a dreamer who does not want to face reality.

That's why you don't tell anyone. Something so simple and so intimate is something that resonates only between yourself and your Creator. We ourselves have been through a lot in the relational area out of ignorance. The relationships we have had with others were not bad at all on a human level, but they did not fulfill the very deep desire for more Divinity. That was the only reason these relationships broke down. We did not know that at the time.

In the true flow

It was very clear to us early on that our presence here on Earth would be about being in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. A get-together that would be so loving, so understanding, so simple, so self-evident. That is what we experience in the relationship we have.

Desire for more Divinity?

The desire for more Divinity is expressed in the subjects (talents) that one brings to the incarnation. For us, the expression of "Total Harmony" in relationship (twin soulship) and the sharing of information is an important item. In this way everyone brings his / her talent(s) that can be a support for others who need it at the moment.

Don't give up on your nourishing desires!

When we talk about nourishing, we are talking about things that nourish yourself in the first place, without you having to discount or harm others.

Divinity is the simplest thing there is!

Divinity is, contrary to what many people think and proclaim, the simplest thing there is. There is not much more to add to that, but we are sure that you as a reader will not be satisfied with that. If you still want to know more, look further and don't give up until you have found your own Divinity!

Eddy and Rita

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