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Shabby spirituality?

The following sentence we found on an FB page of someone who presents herself as a spiritual caregiver. "Discomfort and comfort go together and make a painful, but also beautiful progress".

Immediately came up the well-known statement, "What you sow, you will reap!". Also the question "Why does it always have to be painful to make good progress?" comes up regularly with us.

Apparently caregivers do not yet realize that what they themselves sow, they themselves will reap. Karma???

We have to explain this!

We responded to a message from someone who believes she should inspire and help others spiritually. In that message, she asked, no actually, she ordered others not to bother her via messenger and / or her FB page. Not even with sweet, well-intentioned messages. She had something else to do!

After a few messages from us, in which we gave her our opinion, in a friendly way, she could say nothing else about our messages, than that it was nonsense and that she would unfriend us, which she did very quickly.

In an earlier insight we already said that that, does not harm us and that in connection with free will we can only respect it. That's how it works for us.

Shabby spirituality?

Let us now return to the title of this insight “shabby spirituality”. Why shabby? Simply because many people who hope to lead others to a higher consciousness do not even know what they are asking themselves. They do not know that what they are asking is already there. "Before you ask, it's already there!" is not just an empty statement. If one finds that spiritual growth can only go through discomfort and painful experiences, one sows discomfort oneself and reaps discomfort. Could it be any easier?

Which direction does a caregiver choose?

Let's not fool each other. A caregiver who has made a living out of helping others attracts people to earn money. And which people can you earn the most from? Right, people who are in need in one way or another. People in need like to receive attention from the caregiver. If one fails to respond to friendly messages and only wants to respond to messages that brings in money, one is just a poor caregiver.

Dark side?

Many spiritual caregivers struggle with their dark side, or at least that's what they call it. They tell others that they are not going to walk away from it but that they are trying to reconcile with it. The truth in our experience is that one should not reconcile with anything that is not desired in one's own life. Because they believe in their own dark side, they attract people who also believe in the dark side of themselves. This way they "always" have problems with other people.

The dark side of many caregivers is that they get angry very quickly when others, even in a friendly way, tell them about the issue. But they would rather not look at this dark side. It is always the others who tell nonsense and show their own dark side. Not the caregiver's, of course.

Thus they never apply to themselves what they advise others to do. Spirituality? Pffff….!

Eddy and Rita

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