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The yoke of the supposed twin soulship

It is in coming together in physical form that "true twin souls" see all their problems solved.

They, like everyone else, have the entire Universe behind them, they get all the support they dare to ask, before they ask, it is already there.

That is why we find it so strange that many people experience the twin soulship in disagreement. You would learn from it. You learn with 'soul mates'. Those are the agreements.

We are all familiar with the proverb "get something into yourself". You do indeed get a lot on your neck by describing a soul mate in your experience as your 'twin soul'. It soon becomes clear that this one person is not the twin soul and yet you persevere. It is in this persistence that you take the yoke on your shoulders. A yoke serves to carry and / or pull loads. Twin soulship is a blessing, not a burden.

What about all those (and there are many) negative experiences that people share on the internet and elsewhere?

From our own knowledge, we "all" know absolutely that "Harmony" is our "True Nature". Is there an absence of Harmony in a balanced state? Isn't it precisely the absence of Harmony that causes the misery that can be seen in these descriptions? With the last question in mind, can one still speak of twin soulship?

Awareness in unity never goes through the absence of balance. The current image of the "twin soul in disharmony" reflects what man expects of it. Yet this picture is distorted. The evidence is there, many people tell their story about what they experience in their disharmonious state, "in the hope of finding a solution".

When disharmony is normal, they wouldn't seek a solution and just accept it. If you are happy you will not look for a solution, will you?


One of the tasks of "true twin souls" who are together in the physical is to explain the twin soul process and its "True Nature." So that people who find themselves in a disharmonious experience of twin soulship can throw off the yoke and take up their lives again. So that they start looking for balance within themselves and they do not continue to live uselessly in a separate feeling for years.


There aren't that many twin souls, so why not spend their lives together? Why should they not set an example for all other people who long for the Harmony 'within themselves'?

As a twin soul we experience that we are a radiance of the unity between the two aspects (male and female) that are present in every human being. This unity can only be found within yourself.

Whether you have a physical twin soul or not, it doesn't matter, that's totally unimportant. Every individual who has the entire Soul for themselves has an inner twin soul!

Does your (supposed) twin soulship feel like a yoke? Then ask yourself if this person is indeed your twin soul, instead of wondering what you have to learn from disharmonious conditions. The latter arises from the old way of thinking, the new way of thinking requires a completely different approach.

Eddy and Rita

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