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Ok, I am spiritual and now?

You have somehow found out that you are spiritual. Nice for you of course! But what do you do with it?

Coincidence or not?

Many alternative sites will tell you that it is no coincidence that you are visiting that site right now. They will tell you that you are ready to receive the teachings and / or treatments they are delivering. They will also tell you that if you go to them for a course, treatment, or whatever - which is way too expensive - you invest in yourself.

This way of thinking stems from the idea “Give a little, take a little!”. The truth, however, is that spirituality costs nothing but your undivided attention. If your intention is to be spiritual, be it! Without reservation!

Is it a coincidence that you are now reading this insight? No, it is not a coincidence. Something in yourself has prompted you to look for added values in your life. That is why you have now ended up on this site. It might as well have been another site telling you the same thing in different terms. You will search until you have found something that will trigger your spirituality. It could be anything. A word, an image, a vision of life, even the layout of a site can be so appealing to you that it keeps grabbing your attention.

It is no coincidence that your attention is always focused on it, it is just an inner urge that your "Spiritual-Being" offers you. The more you come into contact with your own "Spiritual-Being", the more that urge to look for teachings in the outer diminishes.

Outer teachings

Because one has, mostly unconsciously, been so far removed from one's own "Spiritual-Being", one starts looking for outer teachings. One hopes to find in those teachings what it is like to be truly spiritual. It is hoped that if one takes in the teachings of others one can live that same spirituality. Now let it work slightly differently. History indicates that not all teachings are equally understood and their application does not work as it should be. Many people have ventured into descriptions in religious scriptures and / or philosophies. If these scriptures, which are outer teachings, would help, surely our world would look different, more loving, wouldn't it. What is it about then?

Who or what do you want to be?

Indeed, it is about who or what one wants to be. What will you do when you start to live more spiritually aware? Are you going to teach yourself? Are you going to start a practice to live on? Are you going…? Yes, what are you going to do with your spirituality? We also asked these questions in the past. We had put our lives in the service of God. Still.

There are so many ways to express "Your-Self" and thereby serve God. We chose not to teach personally. Simply because one "has to" keep repeating the same thing. We live our "Spiritual-Being" in our own way, which now seems to us to be the best. We also have no problem adapting our way of life according to the insights. We have no feeling at all towards being a teacher, we rather feel like inspirers. It is also not (yet) the intention that we come out with the spoken word.

So it comes down to who or what one wants to Be!

Cleaning up is the message!

So you feel like you are a spiritual being? That's a lot! Most people don't know they are spiritual. They don't care at all. Are you better than others now? Not at all, you have risen a little in consciousness. You just feel inside that there is "more" than the life you are living right now. You want a better life. Improve your life.

That is a fact that, even if you think you are higher in consciousness than others, you will remember your entire life. We can already tell you that spirituality is infinite. Spiritual growth never stops!

The more one becomes aware of one's own spirituality, the more one gets to see. You see other people's imperfections more quickly, you see easy solutions that others, if you share them, do not want and / or can see.

In connection with free will one "must" let others also do their own thing. That is quite frustrating when you see easy solutions that others do not want and / or can see.

On top of all this, one also gets to see more of oneself. Solutions are also offered. The hardest thing is to apply those solutions that can make you live even more spiritually.

We come back to the title of this insight: "Okay, I am spiritual and now?" Now? With this beautiful insight and the accompanying changing energies you have a beautiful key in your hands to direct your "own life" in a direction that is even more spiritual than you could ever dream of. So, isn't your life the way you feel it should be? Then work on that. If everyone did that, we could bring heaven to earth in a short time.

Eddy and Rita

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