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To believe

“You will receive from God according to your faith!”.

When a lady asked Master Jesus to heal her sick child, He looked at the woman for a moment and saw that she "believed" in the possibility that her child could be healed. To which He said, "Lady, your faith is very strong, go home and you will find your child healed!"

Demonstration of deep faith

In these acts one can very clearly see a demonstration of deep faith. The woman was at her wits end, she thought she would have to give up her child but heard there was a Man who could heal people. Whereupon she did everything in her power to get to that Man. Coming to that Man was not enough, for on her part there had to be strong faith. "Not" the strong belief in that Man. After all, he himself said: “Not I do the works, but the Father in me. Without the Father I am nothing. ”

So the woman had to "strongly believe" that there was a "Higher Energy" that was also working through her and through the child. This strong faith was what Master Jesus saw, that allowed Him to know that He could easily say that the child was healed.

To believe? In what? In whom?

When one speaks about being religious nowadays, one is quickly labeled a weirdo. Believing is for people who are "gullible." We ourselves are not so gullible. We are very critical about what we allow into our lives and what we think. We find the stories about Master Jesus particularly beautiful, but in the past we have often wondered whether the "miracles" He performed really happened. Are they not metaphors to make something clear?

Why should these miracles not be true? Why should one not "believe" that a person is "really" able to perform miracles? It's in these stories about Master Jesus, not just about this one man but about the possibilities that a "Truly God-Man" has.

Master Jesus also said, "You shall also do these works, and many greater ones!" Why should one not believe in one's "own possibilities"? Master Jesus himself always kept in mind that He was created in the image of God (the Supreme Love energy). Why shouldn't we keep this in mind too? If one human did it, wouldn't everyone be able to make it happen?

You will receive from God according to your faith!

We come back to this promise. And indeed one gets what one believes. Master Jesus said, according to these stories, "He who believes 'in me' will enter the Kingdom of God!" Could He not have said, "Whoever 'believes me' will enter the Kingdom of God!" A small word of difference makes a completely different situation. One can "believe in" someone but one can also believe someone "at his / her" word.

For example, it may be believed that Master Jesus died to take away all the sins of the world, which is immediately a safe-conduct to do the worst things. Master Jesus gave His life for it: nice and easy, I can now "sin" as much as I want.

Could it not be that He showed to "all people" what a person is capable of when he / she lives in the "Supreme Energy"? Could it not be that He wanted to demonstrate this in His Resurrection?

When one believes what Master Jesus told the community about the Father, about Love, about Faith, about the "own" possibilities to put one's "own" life in order, one gets a totally "different faith".

Inner voice

We have also had our part in life. Life was not always nice, but now, only afterwards did we realize that we always listened to our "inner voice" and believed it. This voice always said, “It may not be pleasant now, but just wait and see. Don't do anything crazy, make sure you stay alive. There are still many beautiful things coming to you! ”.

It wasn't easy to keep believing this but we got through it. The prospect was too good to dismiss as a fantasy. This prospect and the "deep belief" in the promise of our inner voice in conjunction with the "Supreme Energy" made us persevere. We kept believing in it!

Only at the age of 47 we have obtained what we longed for so deeply. And my God, what a life! It gets better and better. Something we thought was almost impossible but our inner voice keeps saying: "Just wait, there will be more beautiful things coming to you!" We already consider ourselves so lucky, what should that be soon?

We will certainly continue to believe in it!

Eddy and Rita

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