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Ideal or idol?

Throughout the known history of humanity there are many stories of people who somehow attained enlightenment, and lived this enlightenment in their own way.

Many taught and still teach from their experience to others, so that they could also achieve this very easy way of life.

Two of these people were Master Jesus and the Buddha. We limit ourselves in our description to Master Jesus. We ourselves received a Christian education. Hence, this Man so appeals to our imaginations.


Master Jesus' aspiration was, first of all, to live the Divine Ideal that He Himself lived through the "Energy He called Father". To later, bring that same "Ideal" to humanity. In His simple words He tried to introduce "all" people to what it is like to live in and strive for the "Divine Ideal."

His words were impregnated with "Divine Love," so all without exception, if they did not shut themselves off from it, could get a taste of the Energy He called Father.

The "True Ideal" is to keep in mind the "True Divine Love" and to live it and bring it to the people. That was the mission of Master Jesus. A difficult task, because the people to whom He had to bring this, had lived in material and spiritual oppression for centuries. They didn't know any better, because they had been taught that way. Added to this, the scribes had to keep them where a man "shouldn't" be.


Master Jesus made quite an impression. One can imagine what it was like at the time to be known and famous. It can be compared to a celebrity of today. There is always a rush when a celebrity comes to visit. All sorts of people come to it. It can be imagined that many did not understand the "Ideal" Master Jesus brought to the people.

Hence, many people worshiped "His person" instead of focusing on the Father, the "Ideal" that He wanted to share. After all, Jesus was presented as the Savior who would free them from the yoke under which they found themselves. The fact that He allowed Himself to be crucified did not help either. But He knew this was necessary to demonstrate that a human being is capable of much more than just being born, living in misery, and eventually dying without accomplishing anything. In the "Resurrection," He demonstrated the "Most Great Ideal" that the Father "always" gave Him.

Out of misunderstanding of the "Ideal" that Master Jesus wanted to demonstrate, they have made Him a martyr. At that point, the "Ideal" turns into idol. An idol sets the example. An idol knows, normally, that people will focus on him / her and copy their lifestyle, even if that lifestyle is bad for spiritual thinking and health.

There are several (improvement?) methods that recommend focusing on a successful person and copying that person's lifestyle to one's own life. According to these methods one would then also become successful ???

In our understanding, in these methods one ignores one's 'own Being' and one does not get to know 'Oneself'. For example, there are people who really let themselves be nailed to the cross, with real nails. In this act they are inspired by the idol, an image that they themselves have created about Master Jesus. There are people worldwide who are trapped in the "suffering thinking" that they see as "the main ingredient" of their lives. They too focus only on the suffering of their idol and bring it forward in their own lives.

It is up to man to choose which lord he / she wants to serve. The "Ideal" or the idol!

Eddy and Rita

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