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The illusion of misery

A person in trouble is very easy to manipulate. He can be made to believe "anything".

He can even be made to believe that this world is an illusion. From a miserable feeling it is easy to assume anything that could "bring" some relief.

“Are you in a miserable position? Don't worry, because sooner or later it will get better! ”. A little appease here and a little appease there. "Accept the (over and over again 'miserable') situation you find yourself in, because acceptance is the solution to everything !!!". "Whoever cannot suffer will never win!" And much more of that nonsense is being told!

The greatest illusion

Misery "is" the greatest illusion that exists !!! It is an "even greater illusion" to think that by "experiencing" misery one grows spiritually. If you go along with this vision, there will always be someone above you who will tell you how to "live" and how, through experiencing more misery, you can "grow" spiritually. Pure oppression!

Everyone wants to make a little effort to grow spiritually, but no one wants to spend their entire life in misery. Everyone "hopes" that a day will come when he / she will attain enlightenment (of misery). Is this not proof that misery is the greatest illusion that man, voluntarily still, continues to maintain?

Getting used to misery

From instinct a person can get used to misery. Getting used to misery is an animalistic reflex to survive. The human being assumes that this "habituation" leads to growth towards a higher consciousness. The deeper into the misery, the higher one could rise in consciousness! People even become addicted to misery. There is only one problem, from the animal consciousness, one can get used to the misery but one "never" gets a clear view of the "Divine Level".

I feel strong, let it come now!

If you are on the alternative path, you will recognize it. “I feel strong, let it come now!”. Are you aware of what you are asking? Of course you get what you ask for. The psychic field is always ready to give you "anything" you ask for. The more negative, the faster you will get it.

You just get the misery (dealing with difficult parts, dissolving blockages, raising an inner child? ...) you ask. All this belongs in the illusion of misery and is therefore non-existent. But… if you get what you want, don't complain!

Your Soul will "try" to change your mind, but cannot do anything about "your gullibility". What can your Soul do about you being a follower and a copycat? That you believe in the illusion of misery? That you believe that experiencing misery is a kind of therapy to raise yourself to a higher consciousness?


Recently we read in one of the many articles on “The dark night of the soul” that this author was in a depression for a year. In a response to that article, we could read that it took the person who responded "four years" to get through.

Waaauuuw, four years? Then he / she must have undergone considerable spiritual growth. This one is certainly more spiritual than the author who has only had one miserable year !!! Let's all go there! Take your well-filled wallet with you to buy yourself an even bigger portion of misery! You should definitely not do it for less than five years of misery!

To experience competition in "misery" belongs to the illusion, which dictates that one must "suffer even more" in order to grow spiritually.

This world is not an illusion

Man is the physical part of the "Soul, Who" wants to express itself in matter. This matter is lifelike! "True Joy" is the energy of the Soul that provides deep insights that are so lifelike that misery is consumed! In a life of "True Joy" one even has "no" notion anymore of what misery is, it is non-existent, an illusion.

(Spiritual) teachers

Worldwide there are thousands of (spiritual) teachers who "try" to "explain" the misery, so that others may "experience" this illusion (misery). If these teachers were fully aware that misery is an instrument of the psychic field, they would "immediately" stop explaining this. However, most teachers are trapped in what they were taught by their teacher (s) and those before those teachers, etc. for all eternity.

If the teachers do not see the distinction between illusion and truth and therefore cannot yet free themselves from the illusion, how can their students? They speak of the "New World" but in their thinking they remain trapped in the old. Willingly or out of ignorance? Or do they like to be seduced by beautiful things (money, possessions, prestige, power, etc…) in the matter?

The more one can tempt others to experience misery, the greater one's own power and the more prestige one gets. That is a good reason to bond with people and make them believe that they are growing spiritually through experiencing misery. As a teacher your financial (material) condition is assured.

Eddy and Rita

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