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Discernment is something one needs throughout life in order to find the life of the "True Self" and therefore to "live" this "True Self".

Distinguishing what comes from "Divine Thought" or from "Human Thought" will bring one with "Own Thought" closer to "Divine Life."

Duality consciousness

When the Soul incarnates in a human being, that being irrevocably enters the duality consciousness. It can be assumed that everything is one, but a life in matter always has divisions. It is an "illusion" to think that one "always" lives in the Unity Consciousness. Hence, discernment is very important!

The soul

Whatever one claims, "the Soul always lives in the Unity Consciousness." As a result, the Soul will "always" keep trying to move the human being to deeper insights. The moment those deeper insights come in, the human being will "deliberate and weigh" from the material thoughts and 9 out of 10 chances he will translate these insights into matter. This is because human thinking resonates closer to the psychic field than to the "Divine Realm."

Reasoning always happens in the "human, material mind." We experience this very strongly in describing our insights. When we focus on the Divine, we gain even deeper insights, but it is very often difficult for us to put them into words. In the Unity Consciousness one does not need words.

To live according to the Soul is a difficult task from the perspective of "human thinking", because matter is considered unimportant in "Divine Thinking". In "human thinking" the "experiencing" of life is considered the most important and one ignores the essence of "True Life".

Gain insights

The Soul does everything in its power to move the individual to deeper insights. If the individual would understand this and "want to" assume this, he / she will get completely different insights on material life and the "human material thinking" will gradually, automatically be converted to "Divine Thinking". Only then is the human being able to live in the "Unity Consciousness".

Initially it takes great discernment to see the difference between that which is of "material life" and that which is pure "Divine Inspiration".

"Divine Inspiration" always comes from the Soul. "Divine Inspiration" is of such a simplicity that the smallest child can live it. "Divine Inspiration" will always bring man to a "Higher Plan" and is "always" nourishing for the spiritual growth of the individual. "Divine Inspiration" is "always" positive, True and Good!

Eddy and Rita

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