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Why should one "accept" the things that are perceived as "nonsense"?

People who claim that acceptance is important to your spiritual growth simply don't know what nonsense they are putting in the world.

Unpleasant life

Acceptance will not make an unpleasant life any better. Forget it! If one has ended up in a situation that one experiences as unpleasant, acceptance will in any case "change nothing". On the contrary, it makes it worse!

Acceptance equals resignation!

People soon speak of "It's not that bad." and also "It is the way it is and it is all right". Certainly in alternative circles where people keep trying to appease, patronize and above all outdo each other. The latter gives cause to bring forward even more nonsense and fantasy, to sell it as truth.


Again and again there are people who want to enrich themselves on the back of those who 'suffer', and 'have to' accept this 'suffering' according to them. "It may all be there!" and “Go and have a look, don't hide your dark side. Just come to terms with it. ”, are classic tricks with which one wants to keep others in a subordinate place.

Many people seek advice from "aid workers" out of desperation. Initially one can fool these distressed people about anything. But when the nonsense that one tells others is gone, one "has to" bring up acceptance. Then it is quickly said: "You are not ready to move on or to let go, etc ... just accept it now!" This way one can withdraw in a safe way. The ball is back in the corner of the aid asker!

"Suffering" and affirming it, provides a great source of income for those who live on it.

What is true?

What is true? What is true? What is true? It is true that man is of Divine Origin! One has only been forgotten. When one remembers it, deep down and also in the mind, all nonsense falls away. One should not just accept this in the mind! It is a "deeper Knowing" that you always carry with you throughout all incarnations, also in this one, and you will "always" carry that with you.

Don't just let yourself be led to believe that you should "accept" the unpleasant things in your life. Acceptance stems from religious thinking and is designed to oppress people. There is an undertone of confession in it.

“You had it coming!”, especially if you continue to believe and cultivate the nonsense of acceptance!


"Just accept that acceptance of miserable conditions doesn't work!" ;O)


Eddy and Rita

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