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How does one recognize a "True Soul Connection"?

All living creatures can have many connections with each other. The "Soul Connection" is the most pervasive connection one can find!

But how does one recognize this "True Soul connection?

In the first place, a Soul connection is "never" one-sided. The recognition is mutual in the combination human-human, human-animal, animal-animal.

Especially the animal-animal combination seems unlikely to many people. Yet this connection can be clearly seen in animals, which, according to "human observations", fall under the predator category. On the internet one can see numerous videos in which predators are caring for another species, which according to "their instinct" is prey. Human thinking then speaks of a special event, but in "Divine Thinking" these connections are at "Soul level" and "certainly desirable".

These connections are communicated to humans to show that even in the lowest levels "Soul Connections" are possible. In this way, the human being is stimulated to start living according to the promptings of the "Soul". If animals can do it, man should "certainly" be able to!

Soul connection human-animal

Quite a few people do not recognize this "Soul Connection" as fully fledged. “They are just animals after all, and they are not worthy of replacing a human!” One simply "disregards" the animal's Soul.

A person who wants to grow spiritually but does not "can or does not want" to enter into a relationship with another person will be offered one or more animals by the "Divine". There will always be one animal that most appeals to this person. This animal can and will be a support and anchor for the human being who prefers this connection over a human connection.

People and animals feel each other perfectly. The animal will give the human in question an “inner peace” that he cannot possibly find in humans and / or other animals. This "rest" is the "Soul Connection" that requires no words and / or actions and also "does not require anything" from the other. This "Soul Connection" stimulates man to bring out the very best, very "finest" feelings that he has within him and is very often a support during man's most difficult times.

Soul connection human-human

To be clear, one does not need to have a love relationship with each other in order to express a "True Soul Connection"! In a love relationship as known from the "human mind" one must take into account sexual activities that in many cases cause problems.

A soul connection human-human is a connection on a "High Spiritual Level". Recognizing this Soul connection is immediately apparent in "both individuals" upon first meeting. It is a connection that is said to have never been felt and / or experienced. The so-called melting away is totally present. This is necessary because one would recognize this connection at a "High Spiritual Level" as such.

If the recognition is one-sided, he / she who "believes" to recognize "will swoon and by continuing to do so, will miss the boat to a" Higher Way of Thinking ". In doing so, he / she deprives "himself" and the "other" of the opportunity to proceed to a "Higher Spiritual Level".

The "Soul Connection" human-human is very clearly visible when one has just a little bit of vision on "Soul Connections"!

A "Soul connection" human-human is "always" focused on "POSITIVELY" expressing one's "Divinity"! She is "always" stimulated and supported by each other and the "Divine"!

These "Soul Connections" have "NOTHING" to do with twin soulship but may be a harbinger of…!

Eddy and Rita

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