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A suspicion of twin soulship

Quite a few people suspect that they have met their twin soul but that he / she does not experience it that way.

This can of course lead to quite embarrassing situations. In our opinion, it is almost impossible that you meet your twin soul without the other knowing anything about it.

Fulfill task

True twin souls grow into a meeting where they are both aware that they are twin souls. They have both undergone considerable spiritual growth in which they recognize each other almost immediately and know that they should go through life together. For the simple reason that they have a job to do. What that common task is, unfolds as they both evolve in unifying their energies. When they are ready they will work together in service to God, automatically serving humanity, without losing themselves in it.


It is quite difficult to think that you are someone's twin soul without the other knowing anything about it. In fact, you burden yourself and the other with a heavy fact that can cause you to hinder yourself in your spiritual growth.

When you do start a relationship with your suspected twin soul, you get the idea that you have to stay together because you are twin souls. You may also get the idea that it is necessary for twin souls to leave each other to learn from. We think this is a pretty absurd thought. You have a motivation to meet your twin soul and when you are finally whole you have to let go of each other.

Come on? That is the same as striving for harmony within yourself, obtaining it and then immediately relinquishing it. When you are finally in harmony you will keep it that way and even strengthen it. That is what true twin souls do, they do this not only for themselves but for all of humanity.

Service and conflict don't go together

You cannot be of service when you keep experiencing conflicts with your supposed twin soul. You will probably be soul mates who feel good to each other and you have the choice to let go of each other when the time is right. When in doubt about your twin soulship, it is better to give each other freedom so that you do not burden each other with an alleged twin soulship.

True twin souls are absolutely certain that they are, they never doubt it.

Eddy and Rita

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