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Close relationship(s)

Human relationships are sometimes so complex simply because we make them so complex ourselves. Often we do not get around to letting go of people with whom we really have nothing to do anymore.

In this description we are going to limit ourselves to the love relationship, but in fact we can say that what is described can apply to any relationship, whether it is a biological, friendly, collegial or… relationship.

The first question is; why do we enter into relationships? We can come up with countless reasons for it. We think it is quite simple. Man cannot be alone well, he is a herd animal and therefore sometimes gets stuck in the most impossible relationships. Whether they are nourishing or not, it doesn't matter. As long as we are not alone. This fact is quite basic, it resonates with the lower vibrations of life.

Spiritual being

However, a human is also a spiritual being that vibrates in the higher frequencies. When we find ourselves in the higher vibrations, the above is no longer correct. However, it is difficult to always be able to stay in that higher vibration and therefore also higher thoughts. We are - in fact, we allow this ourselves - to be thrown back and forth between the higher and lower thoughts. In most cases, your lower thoughts will continue to be confirmed by the other people in your life. This affirmation of the lower thoughts is part of the herd feeling. If it is your intention to rise above that, you are inexorably out of it. Do you understand that maintaining relationships in a lower vibration is not associated with higher thoughts?

In the higher thoughts, vibrations, it is difficult to speak of relationships. In higher thoughts we are more aware of the coherence of everything, or as this is so beautifully described, we are aware of “All That Is”. In fact, we are “All That Is” ourselves. In this consciousness we only see the connections with each other. We see that we are all of the same material. We see that there is no difference between one person and another. We are each other, just, simple, without any fuss. We see that we should not go to great lengths to maintain relationships. We can Be our Self without the limitations we impose on ourselves and others.

The idea "Forever"

In this description we limit ourselves to the love relationship, because we believe it is the most complex relationship. Here again some questions; who doesn't want a loving, nurturing relationship? Everyone, right? How is it then that relationships keep breaking down? You cannot choose a biological band, it is just there. A friendship relationship happens to you, you then have the choice to spend some time together. When you are tired of each other you let it water down or you close the contact.

However, a love relationship initially starts with the idea “Forever”. You have great expectations and you think your new partner will support you in this. That you are aligned. This relationship is based entirely on free will. By entering into a love relationship you indicate on a spiritual level that you want to experience true love.

Free will

Every relationship will teach us something, but the love relationship the most. This fact is the most neglected. For example, many couples prefer their friends, family, children, colleagues,… over their love relationship. When you, as an individual who puts spiritual growth first, find yourself in that situation and remain in it, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to grow spiritually. It's quite normal that you don't feel at home in such a relationship. Now you have not entered into this love relationship for nothing. For yourself there will probably have been some kind of development. If only to get rid of your parents, for example.

Thus, every time we conclude one love relationship, we are offered another. In connection with free will, we can choose whether or not to go along with it or not. It's quite double; if we enter into a relationship, there is the possibility that it will ever end. If we do not engage in them, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity for spiritual growth. A love relationship is offered to us as we progress in our spiritual development. When you use this relationship as an instrument for spiritual development, you will find that when your partner grows with it, you can explore unknown areas in normal life *.

Sometimes it is the case that your partner has other interests or is no longer able or willing to go on the spiritual path that you propose. You feel a standstill and cannot get out after repeated conversations. Then it is probably time to put an end to this relationship. When you are spiritually aware you don't just do this. Many people think they have a lot to learn from a relationship that is not functioning properly. In most cases, putting an end to it is the only decision (lesson) that needs to be made. Looking for something else is like looking for a needle in a haystack. To think that there is still something to be gained from a broken relationship is an illusion created by people who do not dare to make decisions. Think for yourself if that's what you want, or if you want a different life in place of this non-nourishing relationship. Remember that in unconditional love you have no obligation whatsoever to your partner.

"Use your free will to live your own life!"


* In our view, spiritual growth is always active in ordinary everyday life. Spiritual growth is often presented in the form of religion, a lot of reading, courses, treatments, healings, reading from other people, hocus pocus hassle, service, etc. ...

We always ask ourselves the question; "Can I keep busy with this all my life without too much trouble?" Frankly not. At some point you get tired of these things and you see that they are nothing but tools that bring you to a point where you can let go of them, so that you can apply the acquired insights in your life in a very simple way.

Then you find yourself entering a certain awareness in which much more is possible than if you continue to hold on to systems and / or pre-chewed information. There is only one problem, you cannot define it. Only people who live in this awareness understand the meaning of all this. Such a life can be taken or not. There is no way you can take others with you on your path. There is "not even" a "spiritual path." There is nothing mysterious about true life.

Eddy and Rita

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