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Perfection exists!

In this insight, we talked about awakening in twin soulship but what is it like to be awakened in twin soulship?

Energetic union

Before twin souls come together they are left with a thousand and one questions. They know by themselves that they are incomplete. When they are in a relationship, there is always a desire for a partner other than the current one. He can do his / her best to fulfill the desires: it will never be enough. Individuals who are destined for the twin soulship will also never be able to gain the full energy within themselves to only progress to Divine Consciousness. However hard they try, they always keep sailing at half speed.

Know deeper

Even though they don't know, there is always a deeper knowing that propels them to move on to a reunification of both individuals. Not even a single desire arises to go through life "alone". Other people, who are in an unsatisfactory relationship, may feel that they are better off alone in order to progress spiritually in a simple way.

Twin souls do not even consider this thought to go through life alone! They "know" that they belong to someone, even if they don't know! They "know" that they cannot "alone" grow to a higher consciousness, even if they do not know! You could say a strange situation. Yet this is a demonstration of polarity thinking. They "know" that there is someone who fits right in, someone who complements them and yet they don't know. From this "not knowing", when they come together, comes a "higher knowing" through which twin souls can easily say goodbye to others. People who have been present in their lives up to this point can therefore easily be let go.

As a twin soul you know nothing and 'yet' you get a clear vision about the future, in which it is indicated that you must say goodbye to people, animals, situations and ways of life.


Having the entire Soul to itself, you have 50% M-50% V. Balance this 50% M-50% V and you have 100% to grow into the Higher Consciousness. In principle you do not need a partner in order to reach the Higher Consciousness. When two people, each at 100%, come together, "attract-repel" is guaranteed.

They are able to achieve 100% for themselves and do not have to "take into account" a possible partner. When they get together in a relationship (or even before that) there "must" be compromises. They will "have to" establish rules for this relationship to work. From that moment on, one can speak of "working on the relationship".

If one of the two wants to continue in spiritual consciousness and the other does not, they will have to let go of each other. If they are both in the 50-50 balance and they are both 100% ready to grow, then they still have to make agreements and compromises and above all "give each other the freedom" to continue. 100% balance within each individual "does not" mean that they share the same views.


Twin soulship is of a completely different caliber. They each start from 25% M-25% F within themselves and have a great desire to merge them. At the moment of coming together, they immediately feel that there is an energetic interaction. The 25-25% changes to 50-50% and they immediately feel the 'wholeness of the Soul', which is always present in persons with the full Soul within them. This feeling is overwhelming and only gives rise to expressing the Higher. This was and is the motive of the Soul, to merge the two individuals and thus unite the Soul in matter.

The interaction of the energies "never stops." All energies that were previously incomplete are complemented in coming together. The views of both partners are "completely" agreed. Attracting-repelling is completely unknown to them. Their only aim is to grow into "Higher Thought".

What is being awakened in the twin soulship?

The awakening in the twin soulship is of such a simplicity that it is hard to believe. We had several conversations about it and found a nice description for it and also deleted it. Awakening is just a dream come true. We both had a vision of a relationship in "perfection" at a very young age. This vision has become reality. In fact, the reality that we now live, far transcends the childlike vision (dream) of that time. What more do we need to add to this?

Perfection exists!

Eddy and Rita

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