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Who doesn't want to be spiritually awakened now?

If you are reading this insight, you are certainly interested in spiritual awakening, also called "enlightenment". What name you give it does not matter at all. More important is the "feeling and the clear view" that it brings.

Clear vision

Awakening brings a "completely different view" of the world. Which gives you a completely different life. "So it is very important for yourself that you wonder whether you want to" wake up ". Everything that is presented as truth in the past and now turns out to be wrong. At first you still have some doubts, but after a while you see clearly that everything that was presented as truth in the old world is no more than an "illusion". You know that all of this comes from the psychic (mental) realm. It has been lived somewhere and you just repeat it! It is the repetition of a repetition of a repetition. So it doesn't bring anything new! As long as you go along with the assumptions that are widely known and repeated, you will not find fulfillment. This way you will continue to slumber!

Do you want to get to know the feeling of awakening? Maybe you just want to stay where you are? That is immediately the most comfortable position you can adopt. Ask a little here and a little there how it is and walk along, with the rest and you have an exciting life of collecting insights, processing karma, giving old pains a place, cherishing inner child and "especially many question marks". At a certain point you are exhausted and you think that life has nothing to offer you anymore.


There is a lot of superstition about being awakened. There is a mysterious atmosphere when one speaks of being awakened. It is therefore a very interesting topic. The truth about being awake is that it is such a simple thing that you really can't tell "nothing" about it.

Quite a few people associate with one or more spiritual teachers who have been declared enlightened by other teachers and who in turn give "their own vision of being awakened." In this way even 'more visions about being awakened' are drawn from the psychic field. This creates even more confusion and makes the maze even bigger.

As a guru (spiritual teacher) you have an audience that wants to know more. There is so little to say about 'being awake' that as a teacher you have to 'make up'. The audience wants to hear something different, something more spectacular about being awakened. One does not accept that it is of a childlike simplicity!

To copy

Superstition gives rise to the illusion that one can learn from someone else what it is like to be awake. This gives rise to the idea that you can "learn" by "imitating" all kinds of activities. Meditation, rituals, initiations, storing insights from others and trying to live, etc ... The fact is, however, that there are "no external factors" that can bring you to an awakened state.

All that one can achieve by imitating is to be a "perfect copy" of one or more persons declared enlightened by oneself or by others. As a perfect copy of others, you cannot help but repeat the insights of others and others before and those from before, and share it over and over again with people who 'think' they can learn something from them.

Then the circle is complete again! In this way, one keeps turning in circles forever. By spinning rounds you get a light feeling that makes you think that you are on the right track. This feeling is over quickly and you have to start spinning again.

Eddy and Rita

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