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Restrictive thoughts

The road to the "New World" goes through outdated systems and thoughts, by examining and letting go of that which has become totally useless.

If you can believe the messages, there are currently a lot of people who are interested in spirituality. They are all looking for added value in their lives. Without a doubt, they pass through outdated systems and thoughts, still believed and delivered, by people who have "not yet" made the effort to align their visions with a "Higher Energetic Plan."


One of these thoughts is karma. On this dutch page one can find a simple explanation of karma. By nature, humans are curious creatures. They want an explanation for everything. A statement therefore usually provides certainty. Certainties can be found in all Western religions. You may ask questions but you have to turn to dogma over and over again (that's the way it is, no doubt).

In the original Eastern philosophy taught by the Buddha it was not so important that you accept "that which was taught" for truth, "examining" it was much more important. The concept of karma has been introduced in the West, in an entirely different concept, by Theosophy. Out of habit, many Western people have accepted this teaching for truth. Leaving us now with the karmic baked pears.

When you take a closer look at karma, which is called the law of cause and effect, on a deeper level, you find that it is just nonsense. According to karmic law, the consequences, ie everything that happens to you in life, are subject to your own actions, behaviors and thoughts. Simply get away; "Do you good, do you get good", "do you bad, do you get what you deserve".

Even in one life, this law does not manage to give everyone his / her deserved wages. What kind of law is this then?

On to the next life?

On to the next life then for sure? At first glance, a next life seems plausible. When you think about this more deeply and use your common sense, you soon discover that reincarnation is a myth. It sounds good but it makes no sense. If reincarnation were true, there would be much more evidence for it. The chatter about the veil that keeps us in ignorance, and more of that, is not conclusive evidence. There is simply "no conclusive evidence" about reincarnation. Just like in Western religions, which many people oppose, you should take it for truth.

Twin soulship and karma

Quite a few people who think they know quite a bit about the twin soulship make grateful use of the childlike concept of karma. It is simple and you do not have to give any further explanation. "If you meet your twin soul and it" doesn't go "as you envisioned it, it will be something karmic, right?" This statement is so transparent and makes no sense. Yet many people agree!

What do you have to solve?

Just for fun, ask people who claim that the twin soulship in disharmony is subject to the karmic law, what exactly should you resolve? Bet they don't know either! It is just a fallacy with which they want to consciously or unconsciously keep you where you are now. Unluckily, have you ended up in a "seemingly twin soulship" and are you not doing well at all? Then give it a "little" time. If it doesn't work and you feel it "never" will work, get out of there as soon as possible. Do not be tempted by the other party and / or others to go even further. This applies to both the runner and the stayer, the ignorant and the knowing, etc…, so for both parties! Twin soulship "never" has anything to do with karma!

Incarnation of the Soul

When we speak of incarnation, we are only talking of incarnation of the Soul, and since the Soul is Divine in nature, It is "always" pure and perfect. When She leaves the body after the physical life, She immediately rejoins the "Divine Whole." "How or what the individual has lived does not matter. Nothing whatsoever of the earthly life is stored in the Soul ". All actions, thoughts and behaviors etc… automatically go to the psychic field. Thus, anything that may have to do with "the idea" karma "is stored in the psychic field. The Higher and Divine thoughts, in short the Truth, are stored in the Higher Consciousness Field, so that other individuals can draw from them "through the stimulation of the Soul".

The physical body (the flesh) decays after the death of the individual. With a "new incarnation" of the Soul, She will always be "flawless" with a "completely new physical body". In fact, a newly born human lives in "Full Divine Consciousness." If there were the possibility that this human being is educated from birth in and with the Divine thoughts, the child will "never" deviate from a Higher way of life. Since the child is being raised by people who do not have full Divine understanding, it will grow up in a "limited" way of life (assumptions, dogmas, limited visions, etc…). The individual will then later on himself, with the support of the Soul, have to find the way to the 'Higher Consciousness'.

If the individual, of free will, wants to believe in karma, he can only get it in the psychic field. Thus, the individual "must" "still" "make the effort" to acquire karma! There is only one small problem, what karma are you going to pick up there? The psychic field is enormous, plenty of choice. Hopefully you are not going to incur the karma of some criminal or dictator !!! You never know what you will come home with!

So, if you believe in karma? In the psychic field there is something for everyone interested. Do you have no thoughts and / or interest in karma? Then it just doesn't exist!

Eddy and Rita

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