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Insights about the psychic realm

The psychic realm is a collection of multiple morphogenetic fields, which store all the data pertaining to our planet.

All deceased persons and 'everything that all people' who ever lived on earth, 'thought', 'did', 'experienced', 'all behaviors', 'all talents', 'everything that has ever been said' , 'all that one has ever lived', 'all important names', in short “everything” is stored in these fields. Since the psychic field belongs to the earth, it is and will remain accessible to "every" individual.


People are curious and eager to learn. The moment a person starts to think, he asks questions. All answers about this earthly sphere are "already and always" present in the psychic realm. All information that comes out of the psychic realm has to do with assumptions, which have been lived many times through experiences of peoples, individuals, religions, teachings and were accepted as truth and are still brought to the fore as the truth. Access to this field is "easy" and gives a sense of "great knowledge". Because so many people have lived and experienced all of this, this is also experienced as the "absolute truth". As a result of which the psychic field is nourished even more and all information is confirmed even more and therefore receives an even higher level of truth.

The limitations of the individual

Free will plays a major role in maintaining the limitations man imposes on himself and others. The human being goes with his free will and his thinking to the psychic field and takes what suits him best. The question he has asked within himself (about behavior, actions, solutions, etc…) is answered and is accepted as truth by the questioner. The individual will "always" get answers to "all" questions about earthly or matter. Usually the individual, with his questions and insights, remains within the psychic field. Here are "all" answers, "all" solutions, "all" affirmations, "all" names it wants to know and belong in "all" sizes, shapes and weights.

But what is true?

For almost all people, the data from the psychic realm is truth. If the individual stumbles over one or more of the data provided by the psychic realm, the Soul, seeing an opening, will try to intervene. As a result of this the Soul enters 'the thoughts of man'. The individual will then link the problem he stumbles on to the Soul 'or will ask the Soul for more information about this'. So from this standpoint the individual has two options.

Option 1; The individual sees the Soul as part of the psychic field. The individual follows the point of view from the psychic realm and gets it very clearly that one must teach the Soul everything. That one must heal the Soul. That everything has to be solved. That it is normal that when the individual discards the body the Soul, with all acquired knowledge, automatically passes into the psychic realm. It is even called returning to "Home". In this view, all Souls with all their data, with all their experiences, with all their joys and miseries, with their important names, would be present in the psychic field.

Option 2: The individual is introduced to the Soul. The individual starts to think and "knows" that the Soul is inseparably connected with the "Divine" and that the Soul can and will "never" connect itself to the psychic realm. The individual "knows" that the Soul can only bring forth Unconditional Love and Perfection. With this in mind, you are going to compare with what is offered from the psychic realm.

The choice of the voter

As you can see, there are many more options in option 1. If you want to bring yourself to the fore, you naturally choose this option. In this option you can get a lot of money, power and prestige. The possibilities are endless!

From option 2 there is only one option: the Soul will encourage you time and again to follow the "path to the Higher", as the Soul has everything in itself and wants to pass it on to the individual who belongs to this Soul. If you give in to this or want to try it, the Soul will bring up many other possibilities that are completely out of line with what you are used to from the psychic field. Everything that you have accepted from the psychic will "have to" be released in order to penetrate to "Divine Truth".

In the psychic field there are "numerous" divisions, in the "Divine Realm" all is one, "ONENESS".

Eddy and Rita

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