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The power of the word

Words are powerful tools with which one can create. Take the word “twin soul”. Initially the word was associated with a 'harmonious gathering'. The highest, most loving relationship possible on Earth.

By linking disharmony to "twin soulship", the power of the word has been lost. In the exaggerated zeal to explain a certain experience, the word "twin soul" has even acquired a nasty connotation.

People are always looking for explanations. When they cannot find a clear explanation and because it does not turn out as they imagined, they just start fantasizing. In the first instance, people will praise the "twin soulship", only to be able to separate it later. In this way one automatically gets a degeneration of the word "twin soul". The more one links the word "twin flame" to unpleasant experiences, the less value it gets.

If you go further with the discordant stories that are brought about the "twin soulship", you will never be able to put down the "true twin soulship".

However, when you have a full understanding of "true twin soulship" and know what the word stands for, you are also able to live "it"!

"True twin souls" have no difficulty at all with the above, they both naturally know what the word "twin soulship" means! The meaning of this is, as it were, "engraved" in their own Soul for "eternity"! As a result, the recognition of the "True Partner" is unmistakable in both and the experience of the word "twin soul" (harmony, unity) total!

Eddy and Rita

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