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Being dissatisfied is an easy trick. Anyone can do it! That is the reason why many people are seen walking around with a dissatisfied appearance. One is dissatisfied and does not want to do anything about it. So one remains dissatisfied.

Messages in which dissatisfaction is rampant

For example, many messages appear on the net in which dissatisfaction is rampant. The writer takes a look at what is topical and adds a little bit of dissatisfaction himself. As a writer, one is assured of a large number of readers and therefore many page views and likes. It's an easy way to get the spotlight. There is always something about which the vast majority of readers are dissatisfied.


Writing that way is not a challenge. It's like challenging someone when they know well that that person will respond quickly. The challenge is to trigger someone who is very difficult to trigger.

At work I (Eddy) often saw this happen. Someone challenged a colleague to a discussion. They knew in advance that this person was fast on his / her horse. When the time came, they said, laughing behind the back of that person: "I got him / her back on his / her horse!" My standard response was always: "That is quite a challenge, you know in advance that you have that person within one second. The challenge is, someone who is difficult or impossible to trigger. Try it with me, for example!" No reaction of course and no challenge.

What is the challenge then?

The challenge is to think about the topics one wants to write about. The challenge is not just writing some writing, which one knows can easily score with a dissatisfied audience. The challenge is to present a writing that is well-founded so that it makes the reader think instead of finding yet another confirmation of his / her dissatisfaction in what you write. The challenge lies in ...

Are you up to the challenge?

Eddy and Rita

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