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Striving for Perfection

As long as we both live, we have strived for Perfection. Even now I (Eddy) feel the urge to write a perfect text. When the text is finished, I read it to Rita and we discuss what can be removed, what can remain in it, what can still be added, etc.

I also devote a lot of time and attention to this website. It "should" just look good, it "should" be attractive. The texts "must" be verifiable, they "must" be drawn up in such a way that one cannot get a pin between them. If someone already responds to a text - which never occurs - with a clear, knowledge-based commentary, we discuss that and then adjust the text in question if necessary. Or we just remove it, we are not difficult about that.

Bringing more of "Your-Self" into the matter

Many people experience that striving for perfection as a burden, while it does not have to be a burden. On the contrary, we ourselves experience it as an extra challenge. There is always something that can be improved, there is always something to look forward to, to improve. When you have nothing left to improve, life just gets boring. That is how it works for us.

By improving yourself you also bring “More of Yourself” into physical existence. You have brought “More of your Higher Self” into matter. You cannot achieve this "More" by disabling your urge for Perfection. When you do, there is nothing to look forward to. You may have a good life, in which you have everything your heart desires. But there will be no real satisfaction. It's more of a resignation. Yes, you say, there is nothing more to be achieved in this life. I have what I want and I have to be satisfied with it. End!

With the right understanding, striving for Perfection is a blessing!

The above may seem stupid. Especially if you experience the pursuit of Perfection as a burden. The latter, that's what it's about. Do you experience the pursuit of Perfection as a burden? Why? Because you don't have enough insight about it. Social workers and others who are 'bothered' by their urge for Perfection will tell you that you must learn to deal with that pursuit. In short, you have to tone down your urge, have it under control. Even if you feel that that is not the right attitude.

What is this pursuit of perfection actually about? In the first instance it is about yourself. You are the person who feels that everything "has to be" Perfect. This is where your own discernment comes into play. You "must" admit to yourself that YOU are the person pursuing Perfection. The next question to "ask" yourself is, "Can I expect others to be as Perfect as I want them to be?"

Answer 1: Yes? Are you yourself so Perfect that you can demand the same from others?

Answer 2: No? Well done! But if you still have the smallest expectations for others. Then let go of it. Others also have free will and can do what they want with it. There is no point in engaging with them, trying to change them so that they would fit into your image of Perfection.

Material Perfection

It is very difficult to bring Perfection into matter. Material conditions are transient. Everything created in matter will sooner or later decay. One never knows whether a material thing will last forever. Old structures, such as pyramids, for example, will eventually, if not maintained, crumble and decay. The pursuit of Perfection in matter is therefore an illusion.

Why then do people have this urge for Perfection?

Somehow 'all people' have the feeling that there is more to be gained from life. Above we write that one cannot find that Perfection in matter because matter is transient and can never continue to hold Perfection without the help of man. There will always be elements that work against Perfection. In construction works, these are the weather conditions. A person who has as his / her Perfect Image to own everything in the world will never get to it because there will never be anyone outside of himself who allows it. Enduring Perfection cannot therefore be found in matter.

Why then do people have this urge for Perfection? What's the point of that? They have it precisely because there is more to be gained from life. If one did not have that urge there would be no desire for that anymore. However, it is a "more" that cannot be found in matter but within itself. One cannot find that Perfection by looking for it outside of oneself. By doing this one is going to remove oneself from the Perfect State. One is going to require others to show you that Perfection. So that you feel satisfied with what you have achieved with others. That feeling just isn't real because there will never be someone outside of yourself who can give you that perfection.

The entire pursuit of Perfection is therefore aimed at you entering within yourself and looking for your own Inner Perfection. You know it is there somewhere. If it weren't, you wouldn't be striving for Perfection.

Was this text perfect when reviewing? No, some has been removed and some added. Is he Perfect now? Just before, not anymore. Nevertheless, we will publish it and read it again tomorrow and improve what can be improved. Sometimes that is a full stop or a comma.

Quite a few people think of Perfection as standing still. Our experience is that Perfection is dynamic. Perfection prompts us to bring even more Perfection into our lives. It NEVER stops!

Is the translation perfect? We do not know that. We hope so! ;o)

Eddy and Rita

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