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Scare tactics and manipulation

Question ever asked; Nice, a website with positive insights about the twin soulship! All the stories I've read about twin soulship so far are so full of pain and sorrow. I am already afraid of the day I meet my twin soul.

Our response;

The negative stories about twin soulship all lead to a feeling of fear. All people who experience the twin soulship in disharmony are manipulated from the psychic realm. Read our insight "psychic realm", if you want to know more about it. These stories are just meant to make you afraid of your "own spiritual growth."

In those stories one can also read that the writers claim to have grown enormously spiritually through the encounter with their twin soul but it always hurts and there is always sadness. Who now - unless one has a masochistic streak - longs for pain? So you fear the day you will meet your twin soul, but you also long for it because it "may" be associated with spiritual growth. A mixed feeling, but that "seems" to be logical in dual thinking.

Scare tactics and manipulation

Scare tactics works very well as a manipulation tool. Religions make good use of this. You are first told that every human being is a sinner and that means that there is always suffering that can be alleviated by much prayer and obedience to some authority. As a reward, one can find peace in the afterlife.

If one takes a look at the "false twin soulship" that is presented as truth, we see those same manipulations coming back. If one can believe the negative stories, everyone has a twin soul. According to those same negative stories, the twin soulship is "always" a karmic relationship. Which means that there is "always" suffering involved. So one can only earn heaven by obediently undergoing all the shit and then let go of each other and hopefully earn heaven in this life. ???

How can one earn heaven if one lets go of the twin soul and then one continues to long emotionally for the twin soul? Not so, no heaven, but regret and a deep desire to be together with the twin soul again. One is thus doomed to be milked out by the psychic realm forever - unless one puts it to a halt.

Rebirth as a twin soul

Our experience in the twin soulship is that from the first meeting we have both experienced a rebirth - a new beginning. When you are born again you get a new chance to live your life in a different way. Think logically, are you going to choose a life in misery or one in supreme harmony with deep insights and a life to be proud of? … Right!

Grown spiritually?

If you read 'critically' the stories about twin souls in disharmony, you will notice that they are all written the same way. First a little bit of gossip that has been stolen from others and then a lot of misery with a justification that that misery serves to grow spiritually. A life of supreme happiness is also promised. Only luck is never involved. If you ask the author in what way he / she has grown spiritually, in many cases you will get no or a vague answer that has nothing to do with spirituality.

How spiritually has one grown then? What has happened is that they have gained some insights about the emotions. This "seems" sensational but is worthless "spiritually". Yet many people who say they have met and even let go of their twin soul continue to claim that they have grown spiritually because of the pain.

Harmful stories

In our opinion, all the stories of the twin soulship in disharmony are detrimental to the spiritual growth of many people. All these 'negative stories' without exception project a 'fear energy' into the consciousness of the human being, which in turn, because of that fear, does not want or cannot have anything to do with spirituality. And that is exactly what the 'psychic realm' wants. It doesn't want you to become a "full, spiritually aware person." A spiritually aware person no longer goes along with nonsense like attracting-repelling, runner-stayer and more of those things that resonate in the dual consciousness. A spiritual person only brings out 'unity'. And unity is harmonic.

Eddy and Rita

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