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The importance of communication is seriously underestimated! This can be seen in the many social media out there to encourage people to communicate with each other.

With the advent of social media, many people thought that a lot would change in terms of consciousness. And indeed, a lot has changed, we have fallen even lower than before. It seems as if one can only share pictures and troubling messages.

Refuse communication

When looking at FB, it can be clearly seen that many people simply refuse to communicate. They are just looking for confirmations that will get them on the spot. So that they don't have to take responsibility for their own life.

Many people also believe that people communicate when they share their own misery on social media. They get a lot of reactions from others, some of them tell their story. Comments such as; "Oh, how bad!", "That's how I feel it!", "Very recognizable!", Give a miserable story the right to exist. It "seems" that it is normal that there is nothing but misery. In this view, persons without problems are abnormally, non-existent, liars.

Communication can lead to a higher spiritual life

Questions that could lead to a higher understanding and improvement are not answered and even removed. Also in FB groups that are aimed at gaining deeper insights, questions and clear answers, which can sometimes be hurtful, are jealously avoided. It would be thought that clear, yet polite, responses could lead to a higher way of thinking. But no, apparently one cannot handle the truth. For many people, the old familiar, lower thinking takes precedence over new, refreshing ideas.

Current affairs

The majority of people think that responding to and bringing up what is current is a high form of making each other aware of what is going on at the moment. From the perspective of duality, everyone reacts differently to the subjects that are currently in the spotlight. Those topics are thought to be very important. Which makes one forgets the most important thing. The development of one's own thinking into a higher thinking, in which one can acquire deeper insights about current events that only provide distraction with regard to improving one's own life and one's own spiritual experience.

Fear of "real" communication

We notice that real communication is a difficult item for many people. Many people think they have to defend the things they believe. When they get some simple but difficult questions for them, they drop out. Apparently they don't want to lose face, so they avoid any communication that can lead them to higher thoughts. This fear leads to not responding (anymore) to comments, deleting messages, blocking people who ask questions that are difficult but polite, etc.

Communication with twin souls

It is striking that many people who recognize themselves in another as a twin soul can only communicate after a short period via electronic means of communication. Moments later, even these means of communication are cut off with each other because they can only fight. Most of them let the world know that the communication continues on a different, higher level according to them. They like to ignore the fact that the other does not experience it that way.

Communication is really important

The day someone communicates something to us that blows us out of our shoes, we no longer stop asking. Even if this is visible to everyone. We keep asking questions until we know all about it. We may then be regarded as stupid, even ignorant. We are not concerned about that. We have built up great communication together, but we really want to know a lot more! Life itself offers limitless potential waiting to be discovered.

We have an absolute urge to rediscover this ability and much more !!!

Eddy and Rita

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