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Dare to ask!!!

In our insight 'Communication' we write the following: “The day someone communicates something that blows us out of our shoes, we no longer stop asking.

We keep asking even if this is visible to everyone. We keep asking questions until we know all about it. We may then be regarded as stupid, even ignorant. We are not concerned about that.

Spiritual knowledge

It is by asking questions and not settling for what we feel are imperfect answers that we have reached a certain level of spiritual knowledge. We are always looking for simple answers that are very easy to understand. If we don't understand something, we keep asking questions and formulating our own vision. It is always the case that we do not regard that vision as something static, as the Truth. We are fully aware that our vision grows with our own spiritual consciousness.

Dare to ask!!!

Our experience is that many people who call themselves spiritual do not like challenges. They prefer a safe environment. If you ask them some questions and politely but firmly examine their answers, they will get angry and want nothing to do with you anymore. Yet it is the challenges that provide dynamism. Without that dynamism, no progress is possible. Not daring to communicate because one is afraid of falling down causes a halt in spiritual growth, one simply remains on the same level, even if one "thinks" that one is a special spiritual being who is enlightened.

Spiritual growth never ends!

Dare to crash!

Nobody likes to crash. It is no fun when others taunt you, belittle you, bring you down. This should not be allowed under any circumstances. Yet there is a big difference in deliberately bringing someone down to feel superior or showing that something is not right in what they are bringing forward. The latter is an invitation to take a closer look at your own vision on a particular topic.

We often see people stuck in a mindset that is too low in spirituality and asking questions to challenge these people. Just to detach them from that vision that they themselves have accepted as truth for years, and offer that vision as truth to others. Usually we don't get responses and when we do get them, they are often angry responses. "The truth hurts" is a proverb that certainly applies to people who are moving towards "spiritual awareness."

Not knowing an answer is no shame!

We hardly ever get questions. We are still waiting for questions that we cannot answer. If we got it, we just admit we don't know and thank the questioner for that question. Because that offers us a topic to talk and write about. These questions are the challenge for us!

Not knowing the answer is no shame, it prompts you to consider the things you may never have thought about. That can only be beneficial. Much more favorable than a safe environment where "real spiritual growth" is suppressed out of fear.

Eddy and Rita

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