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Clarity, honesty and showing yourself as you are!

Sharing pictures, it seems to be a new kind of religion. Everyone seems to share pictures with inspiring lyrics. Likewise, it "seems" that those who share pictures know what the pictures are about. We have often experienced that people do not know what they share.

We think it's a good idea to respond to a picture every now and then. We ask some questions or just give our thoughts about what people think they should share. In most cases there are no responses, which we believe indicates that people do not know what it is about or that they only like to share pictures and do not think about it further. Even people who say on their page that they are working on awareness do not respond.

Nice picture and also a response back!

Recently we got to see a picture that caught our attention. We talked about it for a while and came to a conclusion that we shared with the sharer of the picture. The picture read: "I like people who are clear from the start, who are honest about what they feel and think and who show themselves as they really are." Well, such a picture catches our attention.

Our response was the following: “That's nice, until you actually apply it like that, then you are quickly out of the circle of friends. Been there often enough.

There are few people who can stand you being honest and having your say in a polite way. Then they judge that you are not allowed to judge. ”

To which, hooray, the person responded with, “To me, clarity and honesty doesn't mean blurting out everything without taking into account the feelings of others. It does mean that you don't throw up smoke screens and don't tell lies. ”.

And of course, as befits politeness, we responded back with: “If one doesn't tell lies, one tells the truth. When people ask questions and expect an honest answer, their feelings cannot be taken into account.

If one takes the feelings into account, one will make it so veiled that there is no longer any clarity.

Then just keep quiet? Again? ”. As usual, no response back.

What do people actually want?

Do they want people to be honest or do they want people to convey their own thoughts in such a veiled way that there is no clarity?

We ourselves simply say what is on our tongue. We have found that is the best way to say something. We don't take each other's feelings into account and instead of crawling into our shells, swearing, or getting angry, we question each other. What do you mean? How do you see that? Where do you want to go? What is the best solution? Are there any things you would like to discuss? This attitude has already brought us many beautiful fruits! In no time at all, the issues that can be obstructive are removed.

Isn't that the purpose of honesty, clarity and spiritual growth?

Or is honesty and clarity just there to help each other in a gentle way - to point out the things that people might, but shouldn't, take your time, because it is still very deep with you, etc… - to heal?

Who are they fooling around here? Gentle healers makes smelly wounds!

Eddy and Rita

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