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The people and its leaders

Politics has never interested us. We cannot really get a picture of how politics works. We'll see the workings of it and what it does to people.

As long as we have been here on earth and we began to become a little aware of the leadership that people take on, we heard nothing but that people were always and still are dissatisfied with the leaders they themselves have chosen. Now one can of course say that one has not chosen for that but for other leaders, but it doesn't work that way. In a democracy, the vote of the majority is decisive.

The people get the leaders they deserve!

In material terms, this saying "does not seem" to be true. Few people choose political leaders who lie and cheat and misuse their power to take advantage of the people who have chosen them. Many people are shocked by what their leaders come up with to justify their wrongdoing.

We ourselves have no political ambition, we have other qualities that we incorporate into our insights and offer them for free. We also know that we can convert those qualities into cash by offering courses, treatments, etc. We don't do it because we know we would only do it for the money. We would counteract our own spiritual growth with this.

How many people are consciously thinking about this? Who would miss such a source of income? If you were offered a position that would bring in a lot of money, would you refuse? With great power and a generous income, how many people would refuse this position? Be very honest! Do you deserve then, not the leaders who are a reflection of your own thinking?

Low consciousness

The above works in a consciousness that resonates at a low level. The studies that were followed and the titles that were collected are also active in that low consciousness. In a lower consciousness they are jewelry that one can show off with. In a higher consciousness they have no meaning whatsoever.

The majority of the population resonates with a low consciousness and can only respond to current events out of fear. There is a tremendous fear of change among the population that longs to leave everything as it is. In fact, they are entrenched in a position where they feel safe and believe that the leaders should protect and maintain that safe position. And what do those leaders do? Protect their own position and expand their power! Just the same as what the majority wants.

Shocking Facts

As if it were not enough, people still have to deal with a lot of incomprehensible things through the media. Violations of people to other people and animals. Mothers who brutally kill their children. Wars. Natural disasters. 12-13 year olds who walk around the street with knives that seem to come straight from a game with the intention of using them. Etc. … All things that should make even the most unconscious person think.

Grow to a higher consciousness

Didn't Master Jesus say, "Woe to those who are satisfied, for they will not come to know the kingdom of God"? In other words, if one has dozed off spiritually and is okay with everything, one will not be able to evolve to a higher consciousness! Many people find it very normal that everything runs smoothly. They pass on the responsibilities that they themselves have to take on to others and find this very normal. The responsibility for the education of their own children is passed on to the schools. If something goes wrong with their child (ren), they think it is the responsibility of that school.

Not so long ago we would have said that all these shocking facts are an invitation to explore one's own spirituality. Now we say: "Because of the many incomprehensible, shocking facts people are forced to think about their own spirituality and the position one wants to take in this society." One can only serve one lord is a truth that still applies here on earth.

Which lord do you want to serve? The lord who puts material success first in which great misery is the trump card or the lord who realizes spiritual growth and tranquility in all areas?

Eddy and Rita

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