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To spiritual counselors

With this insight, we address those who present themselves to the world as "spiritual counselors". Not to bring them down, but to stimulate them to higher thoughts and the attendant experiences.

If this insight makes you as a spiritual counselor angry, sad, disappointed, etc ... in any way, apply to yourself what you advise others to do about these feelings.

Increasing energies

If one calls oneself spiritual, one normally has some notion of how energies work. Most people who call themselves spiritual know that with the current increase in energy on Earth, all impurities are emerging. This uplifting energy works through to everyone and everything present here. Nobody gets out of it, not even the spiritual counselor.

If one looks at current events, one sees that many people make clever use of these impurities. Also spiritual counselors. They hope to enrich themselves with it by offering things like courses, treatments, initiations, etc. ... These people, however, remain trapped in the lower energies themselves, by keeping busy with the impurities.


If one, as a spiritual counselor, depends on the impurities of this world for the essentials of life, one will always have to take into account the workings of these impurities. When working with these impurities, there is an interaction. Most counselors think of an interaction between the client, themselves and the Divine. They think that the Divine takes on some of those impurities. But it doesn't work that way, it might go well for a while. But the impurities keep presenting themselves until the client "himself" decides to get rid of them. Hence, the client is told to do it himself / herself.

So there is only an exchange between the care provider and the client. The care provider commits himself by accepting money, services, goods,… to take over some of the client's impurities. The care provider cannot continue to wear it without experiencing discomfort and must purify himself of it. Making these return to the client where they come from.

By emphasizing the need for treatments, care providers give the impression to clients that they have to keep coming back to remove the impurities. All one does is pay excessive attention to impurities, so that they can never be removed. As said before, the client "must" get rid of it himself!

Is there a solution?

The impurities are passed on until the person, who experiences discomfort because of them, "himself" gets rid of those impurities. Just removing the feelings around it is not enough. One "must" be absolutely convinced that one wants to be pure in heart and mind. One "must" keep examining oneself and choose steadfastly, with great conviction, for something much higher than that which is superficially visible.

Only by maintaining this does one enter a completely different experience where one is no longer bothered by the impurities of this world.

Eddy and Rita

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