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Open heart

On a picture on FB, the following text could be read: "Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul."

Our response to this was this: "If this is true, then god is just a sadist. Only people can break hearts. ” Someone else responded to our message with: "Sometimes your heart is broken just as often until it opens!"

Who shared the picture and who responded to it is of no importance. Simply because many assume it is God who will reward and punish. If things go wrong, God wants to make something clear to you, is generally accepted as truth. It is also assumed that if you still have a closed heart through all the misery, your heart will be broken several times until it "must" open.

Yet it doesn't work that way. People who get kicked on their hearts a bit too often become suspicious and close their hearts even more. They become fearful of deeply human, divine contacts. They leave no more room for others, who could possibly hurt them and / or also give them insights. If one looks very rationally, one could say that they close themselves off from the actions that God has in store for them to open their hearts.

Open heart

If we both look back to our earliest childhood, we can only see that our hearts were always open. We are now 60+ and have had a whole life in which we have of course often been stepped on the heart. Yet our hearts have always remained open. What we notice is that every time we were hurt, it was not God who was behind it but something so low that it wants to manipulate all people with an open heart, in order to be able to feed itself afterwards with the energy that is released when these people fear and / or experience grief.

These people have a tendency to give themselves away and are therefore hurt over and over by others who are not so well intentioned. This action releases that beautiful energy for the lower energies. Who drink themselves without hesitation. We have already described this in various insights.


Discernment is very important in this whole thing. Which actions are divine in nature and which are not? Which vision holds truth and which does not? An action or vision that first takes you down and then lifts you up has nothing divine in it. These actions are manipulated from the lower energies, which are only out for the high energy released whenever one indulges in thoughts and actions that are not divinely supported. Divine visions and actions are clear and straightforward and leave no room for oppression of any kind.

Keep your heart open

If you have an open heart, keep it open but don't allow everything. Sooner or later, something will come your way that is worth living for. With us that is the twin soulship. For others that is something else.

God never breaks your heart, the 'energy of God' caresses your heart. So that you would know that you are loved!

Eddy and Rita

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