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(Spiritual, alternative?) Suppression

We all know oppression. It is sometimes so subtly present that one does not even know that one is suppressing oneself and / or others.

Sometimes oppression is clearly visible, but it is experienced as liberation, a kind of penance. It is often seen in religious circles where people tell each other that one is a sinner and that one still has a lot of work to do before one can count oneself among the people freed from sin. In fact, it has a lifelong task.

Spiritual, alternative oppression?

Many people have moved away from a religious experience because they wanted something more than just the idea of ​​a sinner doing penance in order to get good graces with God. One wanted to "determine for himself" in which way one could attain a higher consciousness. One wanted something completely new! A new movement has emerged from this urge to innovate.

The intention was to get rid of limiting ideas that hold on to man. Getting rid of those ideas requires little effort. But just saying that one is rid of those ideas, even if they are, is not enough. One cannot unpack with it. That is too simple, nobody believes it. Nor can it be offered in the form of a course, for example. In order to give shape to that new movement, people have begun to look at the Eastern religions that spoke about ego and karma and even more of those wonderful, strange concepts. With the introduction of these new ideas, the oppressive ideas were immediately introduced.

How do those oppressive ideas work?

As described earlier, they work very subtly. You have no idea that you are dealing with oppression. In fact, it seems quite normal to take into account the ideas that cause repression.

How often do you not hear;

> “My ego is playing tricks on me again! If only I could get rid of that! ”,
> “You have a great spiritual ego! You still have a lot of work! ”,
> “I have a very unpleasant relationship with someone but it is a karmic relationship. I have a few things to do with that person. ”,
> "You have a relationship with that person because you have a lot of karma to do with that person."
> Etc ...
All things that make you believe that you are not yet ready for a life in a higher vibration. When do you 'yourself' think you will be ready?

Suppression through manipulation

It is often seen in discussions that people try to tear each other down through manipulation. For example, one can read that someone writes that he / she has a feeling of another that brings out certain qualities that are not so beautiful according to him / her. This is often a way of being right in a discussion. If this person gets his / her right, you allow yourself to be suppressed on the points that you experience as sensitive.

Stop oppressing others. Don't let yourself be suppressed, stick to your own position.

Eddy and Rita

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