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Real or fake?

If you are not yourself. Who are you then?


When one is on a spiritual quest, sooner or later one encounters the question of whether one is real or fake. At least I (Eddy) ran into that question and I struggled with it for a long time.

Before Rita and I met, I had an alternative practice as a secondary occupation. People loved to come for a healing. Most of the clients were satisfied and praised my skills. I myself was not so sure of what I was doing but apparently no one saw it.

Nothing was right in my life. I missed a deeper contact with my then partner and that put a damper on my way of being. I was also worried that sooner or later during the treatments I gave it would turn out that I was just a fake.

When Rita and I got to know each other, I stopped the practice shortly after we moved in together. A big burden fell off my shoulders and I could finally evolve into the person I really am. There is no more fear of falling through because there is nothing to hide. I am who I really am and not the role I assumed then. That brings a deep joy that is "real."

A faker should always be on the lookout and may find it difficult, or not, to enjoy joy.

If you recognize yourself in this, there is only one question you can ask yourself: "Do I want to be real or fake?"

Eddy and Rita

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