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Letting go? Again!

During the years that we have a site about twin soulship and spirituality, we have already posted a lot of (positive) comments on other sites. Most responses were not published. The reactions about spirituality and relationship are apparently not a problem.

It is the (positive) reactions about the twin soulship that people prefer to avoid. While being in relationship with your twin soul is a highly spiritual experience. With twin souls who go through life together, spiritual growth is paramount. In fact, it takes up your entire life. There is no time for disagreement!

Different view of twin soulship

We are aware that we have a completely different view and experience of the twin soulship than most people. Apparently people don't want to know about it. Which, according to our observation, indicates that one prefers to 'continue' to maintain a stalled vision with a stalled relationship, than to think about other possibilities. In our case a vision about a fascinating and spiritually fulfilling twin soulship in unity. A vision that we believe makes more sense than that of a twin soul in disharmony.

What are people afraid of?

Spiritual growth is about letting go of useless thoughts and visions. Once they have been released, they can be replaced by other thoughts, visions and experiences in a higher vibration. There is nothing to fear.

Letting go also means that one has the fear of admitting that the vision one currently has, does not resonate (anymore) with the LIFE one 'wants' to live. Don't be afraid to let go of outdated visions!

Eddy and Rita

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