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Purpose of twin soul?

Question ever asked; What is the use of a twin soul if you cannot improve the world spiritually and physically together as one in true love?

Our response;

There you ask something! First, we would like to make it clear that a twin soul does not incarnate to make the world a better place. The intention is for every person on earth to take a closer look at his / her own life and to improve it themselves in order to grow into a person who nourishes the world instead of exhausting it for their own interest. By not being in harmony with oneself one starts to exhaust the world. On a material (body) level but also spiritually (spiritual poverty).

Stories about twin soulship

There are many stories of twin souls in disharmony. If one looks at the persons who write these stories, one learns that those stories usually come from people who in one way or another want to earn from the twin soulship in disharmony. In the first place, they make it clear that there are an awful lot of stories of twin souls that are about harmony and that they are incorrect, because the twin soulship is, according to them, a hard learning process and that a twin soul is ultimately destined to let go of each other. We have not yet found that many stories in harmony. In one way or another those harmonic stories are snowed under by the inharmonic stories.


We live in a dual world where it is common to turn things around. Many people find a twin soulship in harmony incorrect, one in disharmony is, according to them, correct (very good even). While harmony in dual thinking should be on the right side. This dual thinking, which is then reversed again, creates a lot of confusion so that it "seems" that disharmony in a twin soulship is very normal.


Our experience as a twin soul is that when they come together the dual thinking already fades for a whole lot. With the years that we have been together, this thinking has faded even more. At the moment we experience a neutrality that leaves duality for what it is. The duality of harmony-disharmony has therefore also faded.

Why does one go so high with an inharmonious twin soulship?

First, we find that an inharmonious twin soulship is completely useless. A twin soul incarnates to give an example of what it is like to live according to the "Divine Principle." There are plenty of examples of relationships that are inharmonious and eventually end in a (fight) divorce.


The human energy on Earth mainly resonates in the male layer that vibrates closer to matter. Rewards are important in material thinking. In the matter, they are very often immediately available in the form of getting many clients and making good money from them, attention is also a wonderful reward. These rewards give the feeling that one is doing well.

If one chooses to live in harmony, the material rewards diminish and one thinks one is not doing well. However, if you continue, you will end up more in the feminine energy, which vibrates at a higher frequency. The rewards no longer consist of matter, but of harmony, tranquility, love, deep insights, Divine awareness and later a neutral feeling through which one becomes a conduit for an energy that is little known here on earth.

Eddy and Rita

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