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"It should always be that way!"

How often does one not say and hear it? “It should always be like that!”. After a fun day out with the family: “It should always be like that!”. After a great party: “It should always be like this!”. After a meeting with like-minded people: “It should always be like that!”. After… “It should always be like that!”.

"It should always be that way!" So there is a deep desire for well-being and harmony!

Unhealthy fascination with misery

Why then is there such an unhealthy fascination with misery (suffering) all over the world? We have already asked many alternative practitioners and have never received a response. Either they think it's just a stupid question or they just never thought about it and never want to think about it. Because misery of others brings in a lot of money. Imagine that no one would experience misery again. There goes a great source of income.

One can only say about misery that one has to learn from it. In our insight “Prisoners of unpleasant experiences” we refute this statement.

Joy is unknown

This morning we woke up to the simple understanding that misery takes precedence over joy because joy is unknown. One can be joyful at fun gatherings or activities, but to be truly joyful is unknown to many people. Just being joyful on your own for no reason seems so crazy. If one has experienced joy for a moment, one is already afraid that one must give up this joy even before one has actually enjoyed it. Hence ... “It should always be like that!”. The moment people say this the joy has already disappeared.

About eternal joy we wrote an insight “Eternal Joy”. We describe how to experience joy again. Somewhere this joy has already been experienced, if only for a moment.

Learn to live with joy

There are two options when it comes to learning life lessons. One can go through a very difficult process in which one must constantly ask oneself what one can learn from that miserable experience. Or one can choose joyful lessons that bring true, spiritual, lasting joy.

Of course it does not happen automatically! What did you think? If one chooses joy, one "must" always remain alert, so that one does not get sucked back into the misery one once knew.

Keep it simple

Joyful life is of great simplicity. In principle, one does not need anything for it. Before one can begin to live in joy "one must" consider his "own life" and "must" immediately throw out all misery.

Perhaps the following insights can help you on your way to a joyful life.

Life purpose

Find your life purpose in one second!

In the flow of life

Eddy and Rita

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