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Creative with God!

Before we start this insight we want to let you know that we do not see God as a person but as an unlimited, intelligent energy that activates and keeps everything active.

This intelligence provides all of us with a certain creativity that one can use to express oneself. Creative people all over the world are at any time enjoying their own talents. This is to bring it to the attention of others later, if necessary, so that they too can enjoy the creativity they display.

Being creative can take all kinds of forms. In fact, the subjects that can be addressed through creative thinking are unlimited. Painting, sculpting, writing, acting, singing, drawing, dancing, inventing, crafting… are all talents that are stimulated to bring people to their feelings. A feeling of admiration, wonder, a deep feeling of affection, a feeling that makes man think beyond the limited feeling in which he finds himself.

The feeling of expressing the supreme is a strong incentive that incites the maker, performer to bring more divinity that is not known in this world. The unknown gives rise to creation.

Conveying this feeling as a creative person and experiencing this feeling as a viewer, listener, admirer is a straight line that one draws to God. It is as if one were standing face to face with God.

Being creative and enjoying is necessary to turn a rough, rigid world into a pleasant world in which one can go further than what is currently visible.

Eddy and Rita

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