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Sixth Sense?

The reason for this text is a blog about twin soulship to which we responded and as a result a dialogue arose between us and the writer (a medium) of the blog. In her blog she claimed that twin soulship does not exist.

And we argued, by way of demonstration, that mediumship and contact with the dead also does not exist. In this way, one can refute everything until nothing remains. The last reaction to us was that we should go to a medium or and a public demonstration. Since we've already had all of that, we decided not to respond to it or write any insight about it. That was calculated outside our Soul because it came with a slight urge to write and share an insight about it.

If we don't, the topic just hangs around until it's written about. That's what intuition does. We have made it a good habit to follow our intuition and it has often come out that that was and is the only right way for us.


Intuition or also called sixth sense is present in every living being with a (somewhat) consciousness. We like to observe human but also animal behavior. For example, when we observe our little dog, Prins, we can establish that he too relies heavily on his intuition. There are other animals and people he instinctively shuns from. Other animals also have this to a greater or lesser extent. There are also dogs that are not aware of any harm and walk to other dogs even if you can see that they will be bitten.

In that point of view, humans are not that different from animals. One is a bit more intuitive than the other. One will let himself be caught over and over again and the other will quickly realize what is going on.


Mediums are people who know how to make good use of that intuition. They like to call it the sixth sense, that sounds better. The media have also contributed significantly. A normal fact that has long been mystified can be made even more mystical by hinting that there are only a few people who have that "gift." As proof they let them do some experiments on TV.

A medium that is 75% accurate is already a very good medium. We wonder what happened to that other 25%.

Visit to mediums and public demonstrations

To go a little further on the visit to a medium and / or public demonstrations. When I (Eddy) was about 32 I had seen a (well-known) medium at work at a spiritual fair. She could tell a lot about the people in the room. Some became emotional, which turned out to be to her liking. Emotionality is often mistakenly seen as proof of their ability.

Anyway, I felt bad at the time, and thought I would find out from her what was wrong with me. So we made an appointment. I go there. Apart from some generalities, she was unable to tell anything that helped me. She kept asking if I had any questions and no, I had no questions. When the hour was over I stood up and she looked at me anxiously. I was still smoking at the time and had a box of cigars in my pocket. Anxiously she asked if I had a recorder in my pocket and if I had recorded everything. She thought I was coming to check on her. I had to go out immediately. She almost forgot to receive her money.

Later I tried it again with others. There too generalities, there was nothing new that I did not know yet.

When Rita and I got together we went to a number of fairs together. She was not concerned with alternative matters and wanted to see how it worked. When we personally came into contact with the mediums, they told Rita that she should actually sit at their side of the table and that she should definitely do something with that "gift." She herself sees it as a normal fact that is present in every person and not as a "gift". None of them could say anything about her. If they said anything at all, it applied more to me than to her.

Once at a fair, I (Eddy) had put my ring on the front of the table. The medium then takes one object from what is on the table and then asks who owns the object and begins to tell. After a number of lectures, she announced that it was her last before that demonstration. Rita had kept in mind that if something had to be said about us, it had to be addressed now. The object that the medium chose belonged to a woman at the back of the room and the medium described us, instead of her. She talked about going through life dancing and joy, love, etc… The woman in question stood up and said angrily "If only that were true, what you see is not at all correct!" The medium responded with "Then that will definitely come to you in the near future." To which the woman said: "If that doesn't work out, I'll end my life."

We can go on like this.

How does it work, reading others?

This is our experience of reading others. Everything is energetically connected to each other. Information also comes along through the lines that people have with others. Also information stored in the individual's memory. Some people are just open books and very easy to read. You can even easily get information that the person himself has long forgotten. Secrets then no longer exist.

Rita has had this ability from birth. It is not that difficult for her to assess people, what they are like and what they struggle with. She can even very easily give solutions that are then ignored. Animal-human combinations hold no secrets for her, she can see perfectly whether a rider fits the horse and how horse and rider feel. I have always found that surprising. Nothing to it, she says!

I myself followed 2 years of intuitive development and other courses to sharpen the intuition. I could read people fairly accurately, but like Rita? No. In the meantime, we have stopped reading others for a long time. In the beginning we did that quite often. Just for fun, now we just don't like it anymore. Spreading information, live and let live is our thing now.

Contact with the deceased

Regarding contact with the deceased, we believe that the deceased should be left to rest. They should not be overwhelmed with questions from the living. We focus our attention fully on life and not on death.

Also the information about those who were here on earth is easily available through the memory of the person requesting contact. Since everything a person does and thinks is stored in an energetic field, which can be compared to a storage medium but energetically, it is possible to make contact with this information. Everything is stored, nothing is lost.

We ourselves do not see the point of making contact with the deceased. If the contact during life was not good, we think it is pointless to do so if someone has died. Many people see the contact through a medium as a way to make amends or to obtain an apology from the deceased. In their view, this would have a beneficial effect on their own peace of mind. During our visits to demonstrations at different locations, we kept seeing the same people with the same pictures of the deceased and the same questions. There are even people who have a photo album of the deceased, who should we contact today?

Of course it is always nice to hear that a deceased person asks for forgiveness for the wrongdoing he / she has done to you. Our opinion is that if one asks oneself whether one allows these wrongdoing to determine one's own life and thinks about it very deeply and makes a clear choice, one will go much further than to forgive someone who is no longer physically present.

This question remains with us: "If one does not trust one's own intuition, can one trust the intuition of someone else?"

Eddy and Rita

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