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Evidence of twin soulship?

Is twin soulship provable? … Just as no conclusive proof can be provided that one has a Soul.

Soul, twin soul, oversoul,… whatever you call it, it is "not yet" possible to describe it clearly and demonstrably. It is still a vague area related to awareness. Shall we then assume that the Soul and everything associated with it does not exist?


That would be a bit silly. For us the twin soulship is not a vague given, it is a reality that we live here on earth in these bodies. We are both very rational people and were wary of wishful thinking from the beginning. We always wondered if we weren't kidding each other.

Still, the twin soulship kept coming our way. It became increasingly apparent that the intention was that we had to and still must spread the information that is passed on to us through our Soul. Regardless of what others might think and say about it. In the beginning, this information came through little by little, because we had to learn from it ourselves.


Where in the beginning of our togetherness we were still reluctant to share information, we are now very open, not only about the twin soulship but also about experiencing our spirituality. We listen very carefully to our Soul and the information She gives us. Speaking and writing about this information gives us a deep sense of perfection. It gives us peace of mind and certainty about what is not provable.

Awareness of the kingdom

Master Jesus said that his kingdom is not of this dual world. Likewise, the twin soulship is a kingdom that is not of this dual world. It is the intention of the Soul itself, to send out two physical elements, to set an example for the possibilities that are potentially present for every human being and we emphasize for "every human being". Not everyone has a twin soul, yet the unity (kingdom, masculine - feminine) is latent within every human being. One just has to become aware of it and harmonize the two parts (male - female) within oneself.

Evidence of twin soulship?

Is proof needed? Viewed from earthly life, one asks for proof. If one lives the twin soulship together and one is both aware of it on a deeper spiritual level, no proof is needed. You do not need confirmations from others. The information and affirmation from the Soul is very strong. The twin soul (both individuals) knows, and that is sufficient for the twin soul itself.

Eddy and Rita

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