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Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is sometimes a difficult task. Before we respond to a text, we discuss together what has been written and how we could possibly respond to it. It is in our nature to want to understand what the author has written.

This sometimes leads to beautiful conversations. We discuss the topic and give each our vision which we then try to merge into one whole in a response.

Read or not?

We often wonder, when we read reactions to our and / or others' text, whether the person who responds has read that text. With some responses back and forth, we soon find out that that is sometimes (usually) not the case.

Effort done

As a writer, one has made the effort to make it an understandable, coherent text and to give it a nice layout (site or blog). It has taken a lot of time. Then, in our opinion, a little effort on the part of the reader is not inappropriate.

Way too long

We can understand that when a text is much too long, one does not want to read it completely. We ourselves try to keep our insights as short as possible. We don't like to read long texts. When we respond to long texts, we have read them in full and discussed them. If we have not read them, we will not respond.

Many misunderstandings arise from not reading or only half reading a text and still wanting to respond.

Eddy and Rita

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