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Self Study - Books - Spiritual Belief

Self-study, in our opinion, should precede spiritual belief.

It also involves self-examination. One studies oneself to come to a deeper understanding of what place one wants to occupy in this world. Who one wants to be. What feeling one wants to instill here. How one deals with that. How one treats others. And many more things.


Many tools are available to support this self-study. One of these is to study stories and guidelines described in books. Any book can be used to arrive at a particular spiritual belief. Any books with a spiritual meaning are suitable; Bible, Quran, Upanishads, Books of Tolle, Krishnamurti, Osho, you name it, can contribute to a higher spiritual understanding.

There are books that are considered sacred by various people and groups. They are put forward as the absolute word of God. Holy means to be whole, to be complete, to be in harmony. If one follows the guidelines from these books, one should become a holy (whole) person with time. If that is not a valid vision of the future, these books are of no value.

Believe spiritually

In order to come to spiritual faith it is extremely necessary to ask oneself what one wants to believe. A book with ideas and guidelines from others should therefore be examined carefully and with a critical eye. One "must" ask oneself whether what is written is credible and whether one is anything with it. One owes that to oneself! One has been given a certain intelligence for that. It is important to read the book profitably! If one does not understand something, one "must" put it aside until one can come back to it later in a "higher understanding".

Quoting ideas from others that one does not understand is out of the question. It is an easy way to put yourself on a scaffold. If one does this one simply falls through the basket. One then underestimates the people who are thought to need this quote. Without the deeper meaning, the quotes are of no value. One has made hollow phrases out of it, despite the words having a deeper meaning. That is why they seem so unbelievable.

Spiritual belief, in our opinion, goes much further than just citing. It is about understanding who one really is and what it is like to be a human among humans and not someone who simply accepts what is written in a book without a deeper understanding.

Eddy and Rita

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