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No time for love

A lot of people just don't have time for love. To illustrate this, we have made up a 'story' that can be recognized in different situations. It is a dialogue between us and a spiritual counselor at a spiritual gathering.


Spiritual Counselor: "Hey, that was a long time ago, how are you doing?"

We: "Thank you very much, it can hardly be better but we hope for much more."

SC: (Surprised look) ... ... “Yes, you just shine, love is splashing. I could spend hours with you! ”

We: “Oh, thank you. We also feel very good. How are you?"

SC: "Yes, it is not going so well, I have some difficulties with…." (Looking at someone standing behind us) “Oh, there is Marcia beckoning to me. I'm going to see her. She's having such a hard time. You don't mind that much, do you? ” (Has already left)

We look at each other, laugh for a moment and say together "No!" against the empty space in front of us.

No time for Love. ;o)

Eddy and Rita

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