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Basic politeness

On the net one can find the following about politeness; “Politeness is a social skill that facilitates interaction in society.

In essence, politeness comes down to showing respect for someone through his / her attitude and etiquette. The opposite is called rudeness. ”

Is politeness necessary?

Not according to many people. Many don't even know it. A friendly greeting is not even returned. One looks at the greeter as if he / she is from another planet. A thank you very often gets a surprised look. How so thanks, this is still very normal. You don't have to say thank you. In this way we always thank the people we have had a conversation with. Many are then surprised. They thank us for the insights and we thank us for the conversation. This keeps the energy in balance. The conversation partner feels appreciated and remembers the conversation, often much later.

Give thanks

We thank each other for being present in our life, for the good cooking, for the good conversations, for another nice day together, for ... We thank the baker, the shop assistant, the ... This out of courtesy, out of appreciation, not just like that habit, because it is necessary. We also thank the people who respond to our insights. Even if they disagree with us. In fact, we think it is extremely rude not to do this.

Politeness costs nothing!

Eddy and Rita

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