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Free!!? … Yeah!

Let's pop the bubble "Free !!!" right away. Then we are also rid of that. Free is an illusion! It doesn't exist, someone has ever paid for it somewhere.

When manufacturers hand out soft drinks on the street, the consumer has already paid for it. These sugar bombs are always way too expensive and as a brand drinker, you paid for that little cute can yourself. Even if you go back three times for such a can, you will not have it for free yet. Chances are that it will be appreciated and that you will immediately buy a pack of it, then you are a paying customer.

Only the sun and the sky are free and that is something to be discussed.

Free social media?

Forget it! You who create a free account are simply a customer who pays with his / her data. Everything you put on the net, consciously or not, is commodity. That is the price one pays for free. One can be very indignant about that, but actually one can know that in advance. BECAUSE FREE DOES NOT EXIST! SOMEONE PAID THE BILL! And isn't the user the one who has to pay?

No social media?

It can be said that one has not created any social media accounts, but that a lot of data about itself can be found on the net. Here comes free, then again lurking around the corner. No free games on your phone? If you install a game, you are always asked whether you want to grant this app access to various apps, location, etc… Without this permission, no free game. Then confirm for sure, because that game is fun and above all free. Why do you think that access should be granted? Right, personal information!


Are people so naive that they does not realize that? In our opinion, people are not naive, they just don't think about it. People who collect data have a good understanding of human behavior and greed is one of them. The user is simply defeated by his / her own greed.

Eddy and Rita

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