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Beyond the fear

We live in a dualistic world. This knowledge makes us think about the pros and cons of developments in any field. We owe that to ourselves, to the world and to society.

Well thought-out reasoning

A well-thout-out reasoning arises from the considerations that are made on the basis of all the pros and cons that are taken into account. If one focuses only on one of the two, for or against, one can never come to a higher understanding of a particular subject - about which one wants to know more.


Progress always has to deal with superstition. For example, one can find descriptions of all kinds of inventions that promised progress and that were repeatedly viewed negatively by doomsayers. The first telephone is said to have been a devilish invention and in order not to be electrocuted one had to stand on two upturned soup plates or a wooden step. The steam train, which barely reached a speed of 50 km / h, would also cause brain damage. Nowadays everyone walks with a phone in their pocket and the fastest train travels at a top speed of 431 km / h without injuring anyone.

In this modern society?

With the progress that is so rapid nowadays, there are also a lot of doomsday thinkers who want to convince their fellow human beings of the "evil" hidden in the modern techniques that they believe are only invented to manipulate people. One forgets to include in the argument that there are also advantages.


Everyone knows that people can also abuse these modern techniques. However, we (Eddy and Rita) pay "much less" attention to the abuse than to the benefits that can come from these techniques. Thus, one promises better health and also a better life by means of these new techniques. Just look at how innovative techniques in the field of medicine have improved health and living standards. Not so long ago, anesthesia didn't exist. Operations were then performed after the patient had been fed drunk.


It is striking that doomsday thinkers usually talk about the negative side of novelties. They see manipulators popping up everywhere who only use these novelties to deprive others of their freedom. They find it necessary to warn others, in one-sided messages, about the bogeymen they themselves fear. They even use the same modern techniques that they warn against. Which, we think, contradicts the fear they display.


Also in the spiritual field there are always people who are terribly afraid of innovation. Because they do not understand the innovative thinking, they want to go back to what they do understand and they warn others about the new, refreshing ideas that could lead to a completely different spiritual approach and consequently a different experience of their own spirituality.

Beyond the fear

Bypassing the fear does not mean that one should just accept everything. It means that one thinks for oneself and does not just walk along with those who present everything as coming from powers that are out to manipulate. To pass the fear is also to consider the benefits.

Eddy and Rita

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