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Suicide is a difficult subject, but certainly not a taboo. If a topic is difficult, it is quickly classified under the label "taboo".

For example, many people who go through life with suicidal thoughts are left hungry. It is not negotiable. "Shame, you have it so good and yet you think about suicide, you should be ashamed!" And more of those oppressive thoughts are forced upon you.

Why suicide?

Just rationally viewed? Take a look at the world as it is now. One would feel like leaving for less. But to where? Suicide is a solution for many people. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is the right choice. Because even people who get their hands on themselves are responsible for this act. How unfortunate this is for the next of kin. The self-murderer is relieved of his / her problems.


Is there a challenge to be found in suicide? Not at all! It could be argued that the urge to survive is very strong in every person and that it takes a lot of courage to overcome it, but it is not. Suicide is an act of desperation and in despair there is no challenge. One just does something. Zero mind, and they do what they think is right.

Suicidal thoughts are no stranger to us

We both have also been walking around for a while with the thought of getting out of life and we think that this happens to many people. The thought: "If it continues like this, I don't have to!" is a thought that many people already get into. I (Eddy) had to contend with this thought for a long time and every time there was an inner voice that always told me not to do stupid things. Beautiful things would come my way, this voice always promised me. And indeed, I had to wait a long time for it, the voice often had to assure me. But eventually, at the age of 47, this promise was fulfilled. Rita has also known these thoughts, but not to that extent. For her it was more of a flash thought, she had already been able to overcome several unpleasant things. The urge to survive was very strong in her.


Every person has strong desires about how to fill in life. These desires create a future that is very real. These desires are related to what you come to do here on earth. Imagine if we ignored the strong desires for being "harmoniously together" and one or both of us got out of life. Firstly, we would have missed a lot and secondly, we could never inspire other people with our insights.


Before you want to step out of life, look at the desires you have and try to fulfill them. Only look at your own desires and always keep them in mind. You yourself are the most important thing in your life. It doesn't matter that you fail in trying to deliver. Just start over and over and over. Don't get discouraged and keep going, keep going, keep going !!!

Eddy and Rita

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