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Writing is not that difficult

You don't have to be a champion to write. I (Eddy) love to write. Not Rita, she has other qualities that complement my writing talent. Thanks to her insights that go deeper than mine, I can write what I write. See our insight 'Do you write together?' and also this site!

You do not have to follow or have followed higher studies for it. I left school at the age of 15, and yet I know how to put some words after each other that together form a text. A text yes, because in order to write one does not even need to know whether a text is called a blog or an article or…. I write texts, period.


The most important thing to be able to write is that one has "appetite" for it. If one likes to respond extensively to what others write, that enthusiasm is already there. One does not have to search for a topic, one already has it. Normally, when one reacts to others, one has already thought about that topic. One only has to list these thoughts. And that is the challenge that lies in writing.

Loose thoughts

The challenge is to put individual thoughts in writing, usually with the reader in mind. As a writer you want the reader to understand what you have written. The challenge for me is to write as simply as possible. Not because I would underestimate the reader. No, simply because we like that everyone can understand what we mean. In this way we can inspire all people.

What do people think of me?

... is the only thought that can prevent a person who has 'an appetite' to write from writing interesting texts (insights). Not the following points; I can't write, I don't know anything, I'm too stupid, I ...., I .... Just the thoughts; They will think I am stupid, they will think I know nothing, they will think I cannot write, they will think that ... keep many people from writing about what they find interesting.

Just do it

Writing, as it is with so many things, is something that one just has to do. Sometimes the text comes out on its own and other times it seems like one is squeezing a lemon. Practice is the message. Practice makes it possible!

Eddy and Rita

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