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To be happy

We love to be happy. We are fortunate to have met each other and to have come into the true flow of our lives.

A lot has changed in our lives since then. We have had to let go of much (almost everything) of our old life. Going through life together was, in 2005, a thoughtful gamble. We knew it could not fail. Since then, there has not been a single moment in our lives when we have been unhappy.

Sharing happiness

Sharing happiness is difficult because you always make someone unhappy if you let them know that you are happy. Nevertheless, we make an attempt. Not to show off with it, but to encourage others to look at their own life and choose happiness. If more happy people join, we can put a different, higher energy on earth together. Others can then pull themselves up on this energy. We regularly receive reactions from people that they are happy to have met us. Some say that we inspire them because they see that it is really possible to be happy in these seemingly difficult times.

Fear of happiness

Quite a few people fear being happy. They fear they will lose it before they even taste it. That makes people react against people who let them know that they are happy. That also means that they start looking for things that show that these people are not so happy after all. Then they should not look at their own miserable life. If they find something in the other, they are very happy that they can move on in their own unhappiness.

However, it is simple: if you look at your own life and change it, you yourself become happier and you can wish everyone happiness and MUCH MORE.

Eddy and Rita

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