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Every person has talents, they may not be immediately visible but they are absolutely there. If one stops comparing oneself with others and looks at what one can do well, one automatically finds one's own talents.

Perhaps one does not use them as intended, but if one realizes that, one can reverse these talents to the correct use.

What are talents?

Talents are Divine gifts and in the first instance they are there to enrich the world (your own environment in the first place) spiritually. Talents can be found in all aspects of life. For example, one person can act well, another can sing well, yet another can paint well or make music, play football, cycling, you name it. These are talents with which one can come to the fore. One can become famous with it. If one compares one's own talents with those of famous people, one never gets around to using one's own talents to create a better, more beautiful world.

There are more talents in the world than are visible in public life. There are people who are good with animals, not everyone is given this. There are people who are good with other people. Others, in turn, are good at correcting their own lives, so that they can be an example for others. As said before, everyone has one or more talents.

What do I do with my talents?

The question is always when I have found my talents, what do I do with them? Am I happy with the talents I have? Or would I rather instead of being good with children, animals and / or people, for example, I could sing well to become famous for that. This is a thought that is best discarded and focuses on the correct use of one's own talents.

Free choice

Because we humans as co-creators are free to choose what we do in and with our lives, we are also allowed to choose what we do with our talents. We may put them away, we may use them to create beautiful things, but we may also use them to lie, to cheat, to invent things that can harm the world and its inhabitants. All this out of free will.

Duality consciousness

The choice to harm the world and its inhabitants stems from the consciousness of duality that tells you that you have the power to use your talents to harm. However, destruction is a process that leads to a standstill. One has to keep doing it if one wants to get the feeling that one is doing well. There is always a reason to be found that justifies destruction. One always asks a criminal (destroyer) what his / her motives are. This question is never asked of anyone who uses his / her talents in the right way.

Using your talent can lead to insights

To demonstrate this statement, we would like to tell a short story. At a hobby market that was also spiritually oriented, we passed a stall of a lady who made beautiful dolls from gourds. We noticed that all but one doll had a sad face. Because we love cheerfulness, we chose this doll (see photo) to give it a place at our home. We started talking to this woman and asked her about the big difference. She told us that she had a hard life and that she had made this doll that smiles so with difficulty. She even had to pull it up the corner of her mouth. The sad dolls reflected her state of mind at the moment.

We told her that the smiling doll slightly reflected her "true inner self" and that this was a great breakthrough for her. The effort she put into making this smiling doll was rewarded by the quick sale of this doll. It was the first thing she had sold. We talked to her for a while.

Using her talent she gained a deeper insight into her life at the moment. She told us that she would put some effort into bringing more happiness into her life by making more smiling dolls. She felt that this first smiling doll brought joy to her and others.

Am I using my talents in the right way?

When does one know that one is using one's own talent in the right way? Because all talents are provided to man from the Divine, it is the intention that these are used for purposes that are nourishing for the earth and its inhabitants.

Every talent is a Divine gift that can be used to bring out the most beautiful, most Divine in every person. Initially with themselves. If one uses the Divine Gift in the right way, one can inspire others to bring out the very best, the most beautiful in themselves.

Eddy and Rita

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