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Criticizing others is a sensitive topic for many people.

The reason for this insight is the following tile wisdom we could find on FB: "Don't criticize my life until we can take yours as an example."

When is criticism, criticism?

To say that others criticize and that it is better not to criticize is also criticizing others. It is a knife that cuts both ways.

When is one an example to others?

And do those others also see that one is an example? For some, one is an example and one cannot get enough of you. And for the other you are just a "pain in the ass". Being an example to others is therefore very relative.

Jesus was an example to many. He criticized the scribes and many others. Even His disciples were regularly told to approach the life and thoughts they had about it in a different way.

In the end they killed Him, because the criticism He delivered did not fit what they had in mind. Problem solved!

Not only Jesus had to disappear from the outer plan, but also many others who preceded Him and those who followed were all thorns in the eye, and consequently had to disappear.

Criticism is nevertheless a strong fact one can learn from!

Many people who say they approach life in a spiritual way believe that one should love one's enemies. They should be offered the other cheek. Yet people who provide justified criticism - not just any slash in the water - are seen as troublemakers and should be removed from the group or circle of friends as soon as possible. There is a great fear of people who put their finger on the sore spot. Suddenly, these people are no longer enemies to learn from, but just difficult people who criticize and are therefore not so loving.

Criticize out of love?

True friends provide valid criticism from which, if desired, one can learn. They are the true friends that benefit one. Hangers who praise and mouth others are good for the ego, but when it comes to spiritual growth, they are worthless. Well-founded criticism is always given out of love and will possibly blow the recipient out of his / her shoes. The recipient always has the choice to fearfully withdraw after receiving this criticism or to ask for more explanation. The latter is an example of loving his / her enemies and will always lead to deeper insights.

Life without criticism

A uncritical world has not yet arrived. This is only possible when every inhabitant of this planet resonates to a higher consciousness. We are not that far yet, so we always have to deal with things that are not as they should be in a Harmonious World. If everyone thinks that one should no longer criticize others and their way of being, everything will remain as it is. Then only a life in a lower energy is possible. "Everything and everyone is good as it is!" is the lie taken for truth. Is everything and everyone really good?

In a higher consciousness criticism is not an undesirable phenomenon, it is rather an invitation to speak and questioning, so that one can lift oneself to a height where one can gain new insights.

Eddy and Rita

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