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The illusion: lightworker

Since we first came into contact with the concept of "lightworker", and that has been a while ago, we have known nothing else than that lightworkers always have a hard time.

They always get hit hard. Yesterday we read in a message on FB that it was a tough summer for many light workers and that a lot has gone down.

In the light without light

When one is in the dark without light, one knows absolutely that there is no light. But if one stands in the light and does not see or accept this light, one can hardly call oneself a lightworker. The fact that one does not accept the light is clearly visible in the difficulties one continues to experience. If one calls oneself a lightworker one should at least expect that one as a channel of that light, becomes an example of that light. In other words, what one as a lightworker wishes for the other one should also radiate oneself. When one is having a hard time and keeps falling down, this radiation is wasted.

What the ego tells you

Let's be clear and look at the fact that no human being is more valuable than another! To God (Source) we are all sons and daughters of God. That one is a lightworker is dictated to you by your individual ego, which is itself an illusion created in the duality consciousness that is active within the psychic field. This ego tells any individual who will accept it that he / she is a Lightworker and that he / she is therefore a chosen one to save the world.

The individual (lightworker) is happy to accept this and, instead of to God (Source), puts himself at the service of the people, who want to continue to live in the duality consciousness. These people are not at all concerned with spirituality, yet the Lightworker wants to commit to lift these "unconscious people" to a higher consciousness. They are willing to bear heavy burdens at the expense of their own health, which in turn causes suffering. Some even experience this suffering as a reward for the efforts they make.

Dealing with past tensions

One of the tasks lightworkers undertake is processing past karma. They even go back to the time of Atlantis for that. Atlantis is a mythical archipelago whose historicity is unclear. The empire would have perished in catastrophe.

There is no evidence that Atlantis existed. All information disseminated about Atlantis is based on guesswork. So one focuses on a possibly happened past, without having proof of it.

By looking back over and over to the past to see that nothing and / or no one has been forgotten, one changes, like Lot's wife, into a column of salt, which remains where it stands forever.

Choose life!

Of course, because of the law of free will, people are allowed to do whatever they want. One may, at the expense of one's own health and spiritual growth, put oneself at the service of people who do not want to continue or who do not make their own choices. You can wait for them and always look back to see if they are following. It may be thought that that is the task assigned to one. One may try to process imaginary karma from the past. Etc ...

But above all this, there is always a Divine option open that urges man to choose LIFE. One does this by living in the present and, instead of solving others' problems, by putting one's own life in order. If one succeeds in this one can be a source of inspiration for many.

Eddy and Rita

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