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Good feeling

In the alternative event, the assumption is that if "it feels right, it's okay". This is a big lie that many spiritual people get caught up in. The result is that they keep going in circles without ever getting around.

Before Rita and I came into each other's lives in 2005, I spent about 25 years doing the spiritual alternative. I was very good at 'feel-good spirituality'. Feeling good made me feel good about my spiritual growth.

I didn't talk much, I preferred to be in my own thoughts. After all, they told me that I was doing well.

Before we moved in together I already got to know Rita as a go-getter. She made me think. When we moved in together after 3 months, she went one step further. I often did not have a 'good feeling' about our conversations. Rita also often felt that she was going too far in what she said to me. And yet we continued. Instead of arguing, we urged each other not to mince words. Inwardly we knew this was necessary for both of us. Our spirituality has gained momentum as a result.

During that period we both solved issues that would otherwise take years. We both learned a lot from it and are still reaping the benefits.

Good feeling
Everything a person undertakes is aimed at obtaining a good feeling. Even if a certain situation is inconsistent with what is generally perceived as good. Someone who does something to someone else can feel good about it. While others feel particularly bad about the entrepreneur's action.

Spiritual growth

That is immediately the reason why this line is extended to the experience of spiritual growth. From the duality consciousness everything is divided into 2 relative opposites. Relative, because what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another.

So the pursuit of feeling good as far as spiritual growth is concerned is a pointless pursuit. Because it is relative, one can win it like that and lose it one second later. It can go that fast. The thought "If it feels right, it must be right!" does not count towards "true spiritual growth."

The pursuit of a good feeling is supported by the self-created ego that will get its information from the psychic realm. The psychic realm was created and is maintained by all people who turn away from God (Source) and continue to think in duality.

From this thinking one can in the most gruesome circumstances be overcome by a good feeling and really believe that one is growing spiritually from it. "It is what it is and it is good!" is a thought that is handed to you through the ego, through the psychic realm. For the psychic realm wants you to feel good by continuing to live in conditions that are not nourishing for yourself and your spiritual growth but for the ego and the psychic realm itself.

Mystical experiences

Sometimes it happens that people get a mystical experience. This experience is delivered to you by your own spiritual, inner teacher. In most cases, these experiences come when one is down or stuck with spiritual growth. Your inner teacher sees that and in some cases may give you a helping hand.

These mystical experiences can make you feel incredibly good, prompting you to move on. However, there is a danger involved and your spiritual inner teacher knows that too. The danger is that you will get stuck with that mystical experience and that for a long time, even your entire life, you will long for that one mystical experience. So you keep looking back. If your spiritual inner teacher does nothing, chances are that you will turn yourself away from the spiritual path. So it is always a deliberation for your spiritual, inner teacher.

Acquire a good feeling

For most people, getting a good feeling is a life goal in itself. If gaining a good feeling is the sole purpose in life, one can spend the entire life chasing after material and mental things that are satisfying. Because the good feeling lies in the satisfaction. Everything can give a person satisfaction. Thinking in duality one can justify everything. For example, a country and its inhabitants can be euphoric if it has won a war. That there are many victims is not so important. In thinking in duality this is easily justified with love for the fatherland. So the opponent has been killed out of love and then a good feeling is justified.

Feeling good is a byproduct of 'true spiritual growth

What few people know is that a truly good feeling that one never loses is a byproduct of "true spiritual growth." Spiritual growth does not come from feeling good. One can have the illusion that one is growing spiritually by taking courses and workshops, etc. that make you feel good. This good feeling lasts until you are back in daily life with both feet. The "good feeling" was therefore temporary and therefore an illusion.

Eddy and Rita

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