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Example people

In this insight we spoke of exemplary people. In this insight we would like to dig deeper into this topic.

Example people are the predecessors of the new era. They inspire by their way of living and thinking. Their inspirations are freely available to all who open themselves to it. Before they incarnated they put their whole life, their thinking, their being at the service of the Divine. The moment they feel they are ready, they come to the fore. This can be done in forms that are available at the moment and with which they can reach many people.

Just as it always has been, there is still a lot of opposition to example people. This is because people find it hard to believe that such a beautiful, easy and spiritual life is possible. People prefer to believe that life is a chain of miserable circumstances.

Duality consciousness

Because many people still live in the duality consciousness, any help offered by most teachers is based on this consciousness. Most care providers advise their clients to look at the disadvantages that there are (and according to them there are in every person) and to solve them with a lot of effort. By applying this method, they plunge their clients into an often years-long standstill in spiritual growth.

People who have detached themselves from the duality consciousness advise people to look at their qualities and develop them further in order to reach a higher spiritual consciousness. They know that the Christ is potentially present in every human being. They see this Christ energy working in every being. They see the Divine energy in everything that surrounds them.

Without fuss

Example people are simple people who are intelligent enough not to get caught up in the madness that has gripped the world. They live a life so simple that many people would not want to live it because it is too boring.

Their inspirations are so simple that the smallest child can understand. They are so logical that one cannot pin them down. It's because they are so simple that most people don't understand them.

Life or death?

Example people definitely choose life. Their intention is to bring the Christ, who is the connection between the Divine and matter, fully within themselves and to show it to the world. In this way they see the unity consciousness working in every human being. They know that every person has the strength and the power to do the same as they do. They also see that people who do not choose unity consciousness are choosing death.

People who choose death, even if they are still alive, are dead. They live in fear of everything that contains true life. They strive for a better life and fear losing it even before they find it. These people need a lot of followers who always confirm them in that fear, so they don't feel lonely and they get confirmation from each other that they are doing well. In reality, they live in such a low energy that keeps them kicking on the spot in different variations. They float on negative emotions and believe that it is those emotions that make them human.

They are afraid of people who have chosen life, because these people see through them in a second. They find example people presumptuous, not human, blasphemers. Therefore, these people must get out of their lives as soon as possible.

Clear choice

When you can clearly see the difference, it is very important for you to ask the following question: “Which Lord do I want to serve? Life or death? ”.

Eddy and Rita

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