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Inner Teacher

Many people are looking for the meaning of life. They try to find this meaning in externals of a material nature.

When they have found that these things cannot satisfy their hunger, they look for people who can teach them the meaning of life. Initially, people usually look within a religion and / or mainstream medicine. Later this search will be extended to alternative care. At that point, the seeker becomes a spiritual seeker.

Supply and demand

The moment a question is asked, a void arises that should be filled with an answer. This void can be filled with anything, even things that are not nourishing to you. It depends on the choice that people make as the questioner whether the answer will help you further or not.

Many people who are sensitive to the needs of others specialize in one or more alternative systems and offer them to others. Thus the space for outer answers is filled by others.

Improve the world ...

…start with yourself! This statement is completely focused on the self! This means that if one wants to put an energy in this world that is healing for yourself and the entire world, one must focus on the self. One can look at how others do it and use this as inspiration. But you have to do it yourself! No one but yourself is able to give meaning and direction to your life.

Inner teacher

Because people are always looking outside themselves for a teacher, they indicate that they do not have sufficient confidence in their own inner teacher who continuously tells 24/24, 7/7 how to live and how to adjust the thinking in order to live a life that is higher in vibration and therefore more spiritual.

Example people

The spiritual vibrations continuously emitted by the ascended masters and other forms assisting the earth are getting higher and higher. This puts a lot of tension on many people. Some cannot handle these vibrations and react to them with discomfort. Those who absorb these vibrations and process them in the body and thinking continue through playfully.

It is these people who go through it playfully, who will increasingly serve as an example, simply to show that a life as it is meant for man exists. In today's society it is hard to believe that beyond all misery and suffering there is a life that is much higher.

At the moment there is still a lot of opposition to these exemplary people. Even people who introduce themselves as spiritual teachers are very resistant to them. They continue to present their teachings in the old way taught. However, they will have to let go of these old learned patterns and structures in order to be able to evolve into an exemplary person themselves.

Eddy and Rita

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